Name- Adain Ferros Dolf


Race- Lycanthrope
Class- Ranger
Age- 34
Skin- Lightly Tanned
Eyes- Dark Emerald Green
Hair- Pitch Black

Human-Covered from head to toe in spiked armor, his bow slung across his back and his jagged sword at his side, Adain is an impressive figure standing a head taller than most of the other beings in Hollow. His long black hair flows down to his shoulders and his piercing green eyes flicker with changes in his emotions.

Hybrid- A mix of his wolven and human forms, standing taller and heavier than the human, and with the claws, head, and fur of the wolven state. His clothing and armor melds with his skin or stretches to fit his larger frame as he wills at the time. This form is used mainly for intimidation and fighting.

Wolf- A massive black wolf, almost twice the normal size, he bears the scars of many battles, though muted by his thick fur. Still present of his adornments are the spiked collar and fang earring; the rest of his armor and clothing have melded into his skin toughening it.

Adain is normally a reserved person, preferring to watch others, yet he becomes bored easily and soon finds himself in the midst of whatever is happening at the time.

Adain has a wife, Maladie, and three children: Ulric, Koray, and Addie

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