Akane's Description:

Name Akane Lee Morrow But she goes by the name Shadow.

Age She appears around in her early 20's. Though her real age is unknown.

Hair color Her hair color is dark brown during the summer and it turns a little bit brighter during the winter.

Eye color Her eyes are light brown, but turn dark brown when sad or angery.

Gender Couldn't you guess?! A female.

Race Fox/vixen/kitsune *Whatever you want to call it*

Weight Around 150 but that is because of her height.

Height 5 foot 10 inches.


Tattoos She has a tattoo of a 6 point star with a circle around it on both of her hands. On the back of them of course. But she has them covered up with her gloves all the time.

Pets She has a pet wyverm. His name is Akhekhu. She also has a pet Snow-tailed fox. Her name is Mahāla.

Skills/Magic She knows some alchemy plus she carries around these weird bags of magic powder. All different colors of course. What the powder does? Know one knows but herself.

Triggers People that tend to cry to much over stupid things. People who can't stick up for themselves but they are the ones that started it, unless it's a child. And people who bring so much drama on themselves.

Appearance in fox form She appears the same colors of a normal fox. Orangish red fur, black paws, the tip of her her tail is white and the tips of her ears are white. Though, standing up straight on all fours, she is about 46inches high. Meaning from the tip of her ears to the bottom of her paws. And she is about 61 inches from the tip of her tail to the tip of her nose. Why is she this big in her fox form? She doesn't even know.

Akane's Biography
Akane Lee Morrow was born in the woods in a little hut. Though, the odd part was her birth parents were human and she was born with a mark depicting a six pointed star on the back of each hand that had a line encircling them. Her parents couldn't understand why these marks were, but they loved her as much parents would love any daughter of theirs.

Over the years of growing up in the woods, she learned the arts of the woodland creatures and the arts of alchemy. Her parents didn't like her leaning it because of the fact that they were human and also thought alchemy was that of dark magic. Akane, of course didn't care, and praticed for years and years on her skills.

Though, over the years of growing bored of the nagging her parents kept giving her about what she was doing, she packed and left. A mere child she was, she appeared about 13 when she had left. She had left in the night time of course, so her parents couldn't stop her. Since she was only but a child, she learned to be a shadow of the night. She come upon a village about a half of a year later of hiding around in the woods and started stealing from people. Quick and easy for her since she was a sly little vixen. Not many people paid really any mind to the child. She kept her ears and tail tucked saftly under clothing and the hat she wore. Once people started to catch on her ways, they chased her out of the village. So, of course she went to another village.

That took her about a year or so to find a village that wasn't as poor. She was already around the age of 5 now when she finally reached one that seem worth her time. The name of it was The Town of Darkness. She quickly realized why it was called that. It was always dark from all the smoke always in the air from the dragons that lived in the moutains. While there, she stole some clothes and a couple of weapons. Thinking this was to easy, she stumbled into a man. He was tall, dark skinned, and his hair was white as snow. Akane couldn't figure out what the male was so she growled, knowing he wasn't that of a human.

The man of course easly brushed her off as he thought she was only human, there for she was under him. The fox girl growled up at him demanding that he moved. The man raised a dark hand and slapped the woman across the face, causing her hat to fall off that covered her big black fox like ears. Staring in awe for a second, the man grabbed Akane by the wrist and asked for her name. She of course didn't speak her true name. Shadow. That was the word that made her called that. With that, the man drugged Akane out of the area to another place.

Many years Akane was a servent to what she found out were Drow. If she didn't do what she was told, she got a lashing. She didn't mind it though, it made her realize the less mistakes she makes, the less she will be hurt. One night while she was asleep on her bed, she felt a tug at her tail. Upon opening her eyes,
she saw a blue wyvern standing by her feet. Her words remained silent as she eyed the dragon. When the light from the fire near by hit the wyvern, its scales shimmered a purple color, making Akane smile. Though, this wyvern was a little weird. Instead of legs and wings like normal ones, he had arms and a snake like body with wings. The fox woman patted the spot on the bed beside her and asked for the wyvern to lay down with her. Of course the wyvern did that, causing them to be friends.

A few days of them knowing one another, the wyvern told her his name, Akhekhu. She had told him her true name as well. The Drow didn't like the fact that a wyvern was talking to their sevent. One of the Drow, the one that had found her, asked for her to rid of that beast. The woman protested, not wanting to get rid of her only friend. The Drow kicked her to the ground and unsheathed his sword. He drew back his arm and started to bring it back down to cut off Akane's head. Just in time to stop the man, Akhekhu came flying through a nearby window. He grabbed the woman and flew off into the distance.

Akhekhu and Akane stayed together for a while, flying around to find a place to live in peace. One day they came to the lands known as Vally of the Damned. Akane, of course, snuck in one night and stole a bunch of goods and the two were out by dawn. She had stolen swords, gold, and some alchemy books she needed to study for. Akhekhu protected Akane with his life, making sure his little fox friend didn't get hurt.

While roaming the moutains, Akane figured she would walk for once while Akhekhu flew in the air. Smiling, the woman sang softly to herself as she walked the trail of the path. Her ears perked up to a sound that didn't sound right. All she heard was the sound of her Wyvern telling her to run.

A year had already passed when she left her friend. She soon found herself living with a group of dark humans for a while. Acting as if she was a normal fox. Which means she stuck around in her fox form. She never really figured out the girls name that she snuggled up with every night. But the little girl, her pet, and Akane were together for few years along with girl's parents. One night, Akane was listening to the girl's parents talking about moving or something. Akane didn't really listen all to well. Though, not really wanting to be a bother anymore, the fox left the house quietly that night. The only ones know her true secret was the girl and Shade.

It had almost been three years before Akane stumbled upon a sign that read in big letters, "Hollow". Of course being in her human form, she placed a hat on her head and hid her tail. She made her way into Kelay and looked around. Her clothes were raggy from running around so much so she looked poor. Which that is what she was. On her first day in the new lands, a kind human named Jacklin gave her gold. Akane said her thanks then went off on her ways again to find something to do.

When she was mining one night, the second night of being in the lands, she was tackled to the ground by a little shadow fox known as Shade. Akane was happy that Shade was there, because that meant her friend was too. The three were back together again. Also that night Akane met someone else. She had been walking until she got in front of the tavern. The ground was covered in snow and there were two men fighting. Akane took interest in this quickly, watching the male known as Lord Fox. Once the fighting stopped, the two started talking. Though, a vampire walked out of the tavern and looked at Akane, then at her tail. He thought it was a fake and tried to rip it off. Silvos (Lord Fox) and Zaria, of course, stuck up for her and got the vampire to leave her alone. But it was actually Zaria that persuade the vampire to leave Akane alone.

Now Akane stays in these lands because of her wyvern liking the lands and now because of Silvos.

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