Alaast: God of Earth

Long ago, Alaast, the Divus of the Earth element stood as strong as his brethren. Once, he nearly destroyed the Air god, Dioh, but his love for his human form and indulgence in carnal pleasures led him astray and he soon met with an unfortunate fate. Deliel, the mistress of Water, took her solid form as well, but it was not to give herself to pleasure, but to power. The gorgeous woman was but another indulgence to Alaast and it did not take long for her to seduce him. Brought to a state of vulnerability, the Earth god was soon sapped of his mana, rendering him weak. Deliel had taken half of his power and now stood stronger than ever.

In time, Andaur, the Fire god, learned of this deception and became furious as his greatest rival was in fact, Deliel. He went to the weakened Alaast and with him formed an alliance. The Earth god now had an ally to help him grow stronger, but would he ever be strong enough to destroy Deliel for her treachery? Worse still for the Earth Divus, Dioh seeks revenge as well and lies in wait for the proper time to attack the weakened Alaast.

Alaast championed over hoardes of divi to greatness in the name of Halycon, the Hyten lord of Earth. The temple of Earth lies to the north, in Nadezda, the desert kingdom. His most likely followers are the Natari, Elves, Centaurs, Minotaurs, and Dwarves. He offers good crops and materials for shelter and survival to his worshipers.

Tall, dark, and handsome, the God of Earth finds his physical form to be his preference. Well maintained deep brunette strands adorn his head, framing his bronzed visage and umber gaze with perfection. Broad shoulders are most notable when partaking of Alaast, his well toned form and lofty height pleasing to the eye. A deep, smooth voice comes soothing to any who hear it, and the eloquence of the God is even more tranquil. Clothing himself in simple yet elegant garments, he will usually be seen in white shirts of the finest silk, the light fabrics of which contrast beautifully with his tanned complexion, and tailored trousers flattering to his frame. A most unusual amber stone is displayed within a gold band that eternally decorates a finger of his strong, smooth hands. Equally impressive boots of the softest, yet most rugged leather protect his feet nicely, both elegant and sensible.

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