Andaur: God of Fire

Keeping himself surrounded by flames, Andaur, the god of fire knows his essentiality to the survival of mortals. Arrogance lurks within the god, his belief that followers will flock to him regardless keeps him from offering anything in the way of riches or creature comforts. Victorious over innumerable divi to achieve his standings under the Hyten Athedia, he is now consumed by his raging feud with Deliel, the goddess of water and rain. The recent strength of the goddess, afforded her by her deception of Alaast, has forged Andaur into an unwanted yet necessary alliance with the air and wind god, Dioh.

More of a towering inferno than a temple, Andaur’s center of worship lies near the volcanic Mount Osk, the searing heat and raging flames rendering it nearly impassable by those who do not openly pledge themselves to the god of fire. The one gift given his followers is the ability to firewalk, his loyals made much more diverse in travels as a result. More often than not, his faithful find adeptness in sparking flame, and choose fiery magicks over any other.

Any mortals fancying fire or warm climates often seek the favor of Andaur. Dragons who are more chaotic than worshipping Dioh will allow usually seek the beliefs of the fire god. Betrayers to Deliel for her deceptive ways will often flock to Andaur as well.

Only of average height, Andaur makes up with brawn what he lacks in stature. Broad in shoulder and chest, and tapering to the waist, it would seem no task would be beyond the man. Vivid red locks fall to his shoulders, fitting of the God of Fire. These fiery strands flank his ashen visage, the pallid features making the flame-orange flecked brown of his eyes almost startling. Rarely does the man smile, though the scowl on his face cannot really be taken as disdain, but rather sincerity. Not often taking to jokes, the god prefers conversation of meaning and depth, the gruff in his voice making this evident. To look upon the God of Fire in his physical form is to look upon a common mortal if he does not make himself known, choosing simple attire on most occasions. Tanned suede pants accompanied by a loosely fitted, usually white shirt and simple traveling boots seem to be among his favorites, opting for comfort and practicality over showiness.

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