Race: Unknown

Class: Mage

Age: Unknown

Weapons: She prefers not to use most martial weapons, but will if it becomes convienient or necessary.

Abilities: Possesed of magical practises long forgotten in the stream of time, she wields an almost unimaginable amount of spells at her disposal. Dabbling in nearly all forms, the only of which she does not is chronomancy.

Husband: Vuryal

Children: Ingham, Sandros and Darrien (adopted)

Title: Grand Luminary, Blight of the Seventh Ring of Vermwilten, Neeloc, Bride of Vuryal (by Donovan)

History of Anshera:

Anshera's past largely remains a mystery.

Her days in Hollow began with her playing the part of trickster and fool, a clever diguise for her more nefarious desires, the populace at best viewed by her as pawns to be played with. A strange twist made her the wife of Vuryal, the chronomancer having gained the promise of her hand should he be the victor of a duel. Needless to say he won, and so she became his wife.

Her penchant for death and destruction has earned her quite the reputation, and these days few but the fools and the overly confident dare challenge her power. She cares for few and loves even fewer, Vuryal, her children and Suki being the only who are granted her true affection. (Though it is rumored that Elspeth is also cared about a great deal)

She is Grand Luminary of the rogue court, The Delirium Society with Suki, her aspirations remaining with 'The Guild' and finding a way to free her husband from his current imprisonment.

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