Name: Aramus Swifthammer

Age: Old as the mountains.

Race: dwarf

Class: warrior

A bit about him: He praises Sven for all his kills in hunting and battle.

Oddities: Life after death can be an interesting experience. Just ask Aramus, (or not, he might take measures to ensure you never ask such things again), for he has a sense of solidarity about him and does not often disclose much. Perhaps there are reasons for this, for in his eyes you might be able to see that this one has not only once lost his only love, but stepped beyond the grave and back again. And why does a dwarf carry a sword topped with an emerald, whose blade dances with runes- for the whole thing reeks of magic. It looks as if it was made for a lady's hand as well, quite odd.

Pet: A horse named Bolt after one of a pair he once had.

About the player: Been role playing since 1998, with both Aramus and others….

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