Meet the Demi

This "male" demi-god is the the metrosexual of metrosexuals, an mansized pixie who sports multicoloured wings, colours that seem to shift and change. Arclandon also has a longflowing beard of gold, and often carries a staff/wand/orb/or the book that he is oft seen to be taking notes in.

His Temple

Location: West of the secluded villageā€¦.
There is no doubt, upon entering the shrine, that this is harbor to one of the nine in the Ascendi, and more specifically the one guarding knowledge and absolute truth. Rather than a trite rendering of the deity for whom this place is carved, the human-sized pixie called Arclandon the Wise, there is but a pair of pedestals in the center of a perfectly grey-tinged building. It appears that, much like with the arcmage's stance, there is no black and white to be found here. Upon one pedestal rests a balancing scale which rests perfectly leveled, and inscribed with a pentagram at its base. The other column houses the eternal tablet of Arclandon himself for any to see, though the language of the divine is something not easily understood. Unrivaled magic leaves the tablet riveted to its holding space, though those loyal to knowledge and absolute truth are free to pay homage and leave their notes and offerings to the epitome of neutrality should they so choose.

In short:

Name: Arclandon
Apparent gender: Male
Alignment: True Neutral
Area of Influence: Magical stuffs
Preferred Class: Mage
Preferred Race: Pixie
Appearance: think Fabio with wings.

A Moment in Time


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