Arioph: God of Physicality

Seen as lazy and lacking in originality, Arioph is actually perhaps the smartest of the higher divi. The god of physicality faces perhaps the most difficult adversary amongst the gods, the frighteningly powerful god of spirits, Mesophiziel. It is due to this very fact that Arioph chooses to combine the gifts of all the other religions, but imposes fewer guidelines upon his followers. It is his relaxed approach that sends mortals streaming to him in masses. Sensual pleasures, basic survival skills, a fruitful life, all of these things are promised to those pious to Arioph, with little repercussions for faltering. The only thing he asks in return is loyalty together when plotting the demise of Mesophiziel and his minions.

A simple temple was erected in the outskirts of Ley’Shar, further laziness and unoriginality reflected therein. Many mortals travel there to show their devotion to the god, though worship within holds no real ritual. Frequent visits to ensure the mana flow of the god are sufficient to sate Arioph, as the god seems to hold little wrath.

Those who seek religion but detest rigidity and strict guidelines usually prefer this path. Neutral in alignment, or even chaotic mortals appreciate Arioph, knowing he will not restrict them in seeking their own destinies, so long as they heed any calls of the god.

Wanting to appear a man of boxom wealth, Arioph takes the form of a robust man, his thick fingers and broad neck decorated with riches unimaginable. Lavish furs line the hems of his attire, the rest of which are fashioned of velvet in deep royal shades. The God’s eyes appear to be smiling, their dark chocolate hue friendly and inviting. Rounded cheeks and an almost too-small upturned nose give him a joyous and carefree appearance, one that is further supported by his always grinning lips. Shoulder length wisps of dirty blonde hair fall over his round face, which the man often shakes back with his hearty laughter.

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