Aryanna Ley’laré

Aryanna's Description:

“I hate to be near the sea, and to hear it roaring and raging like a wild beast in its den. It puts me in mind of the everlasting efforts of the human mind, struggling to be free, and ending just where it began."
~William Hazlitt

Name: Aryanna Ley’laré

Race: Sylvan Forrest Elf
*Sired as a vampire by Elerosse*

Age: 684 – Doesn’t look a day over 23

Class: Spellblade

Body Type: Standing at 5’11 Aryanna is quite tall for a woman, towering over even some men that she knows. Not hard to pick out of a crowd, the elven woman resides atop two lengthy legs she prides as her best feature, toned and adapted to life in the trees and forest.

Eyes: Vibrant jade optics, splashed with greens of emerald and kelley. Hidden beneath elegantly angled brows, if one can see then they are a sight to behold.



Wifey- Shashian (deseased)

The Twins- William Gage and Mia Rose

Sons- Gloin, Broken

Daughters- Raven

Grandchild- Skyler (Arnatuile and Gloin's son)

Brother- Syvaris

Brother by Birth- Skylar

Though she is not one to share this usually, she is the blood-bonded sister to the wicked Imp-Imp Eladamri


  • Tattooed upon her left shoulder blade is the symbol, carried for many years, that of the guardian. A dragon black as pitch, never to be revealed.
  • Upon the soul of her foot, an intricate tangle of vines, believed to be granted by the Earth Mother. Aryanna’s runs ramped across her foot even snaking a ways up her ankle, heightening her abilities to control earthen magic, working best without shoes she is found mostly barefoot.
  • Seemingly burned into her skin just below her right shoulder, a bleeding rune termed Berkano. Given to her by Elerosse upon her siring it represents personal growth, liberation, desire and a promise of new beginnings.

Aryanna's Biography:

The sea is a mighty entity, ever changing and flowing where it can, as if desperate to be free. Never tamed, it can be harnessed for a short while, but in the end it is always let loose, to wild for one mans control. The sea they say hold the souls of the dead, those who have not moved on, or can’t because they’re being held back – Or at least that’s what I’ve been told.

My name is Aryanna Ley’laré, an elf of the forest who previously had never set foot into the cold dark and endless waters of the sea…until now. Perhaps it would be easier to understand if the story was told from the beginning….

Born into a small yet powerful tribe of elves deep inside a lost and forgotten forest, I was sent to live outside my own kind. I noticed young that the other my age did not look like me, for they had blond locks and hazel eyes. My father cared for me alone, telling me I was special and must embrace my differences, but I would have given anything to be like the others. Regardless, I was kept alone, visiting the main village from time to time, but no one would acknowledge my presence except for the woman who worked at the shop we bought our vegetables from. She was the closest thing I ever had to a mother, and always gave me a little extra for “being so cute.” For the first half of my life it went on like this and I grew into a young woman. Upon my hundredth birthday everything changed and I was drug from our little tree house on the edge of the village to a dark room. Left alone for more than a week, I lost track of time, and when finally someone came fro me it was that woman. I thought she had come to save me, but she turned out to be the worst of them yet.

The second her hands touched me my flesh began to burn, all over it felt as if I was being stabbed, the worst feeling right upon my left shoulder. She stayed with me though, whispering into my ear phrases I didn’t not understand at the time, but now hold dear as they are the only spells she knew, ancient in nature and unique to our tribe.

You see this whole process was to deter the drow that haunted our people. We were always at war with them, and they were forming some sort of weapon to destroy us. I was told later that they needed souls to power it, and so the great council started our line of dark haired and green eyes elves that would house the souls so not to allow the drow to collect them. I came to finally trust this mysterious woman and just as that happened we were separated…and I never saw her again. I was sent back to my fathers hut and that’s when the voices started, as the souls had begun to gather and once they do, they never truly stop talking. I’ve never truly gotten used to it, but there a lot of things I’ve never been totally comfortable with.

The drow attacked our village and I was sent away, knocked unconscious and I awoke here, in Hollow.

And so began my new life…one of secrecy as I must keep this marking hidden. Many things have happen since my arrival, many friends met and lost. And it seems I have no luck with the male species…always left alone in the end. It started with a man named Jesse, who I first loved…but he disappeared and in my grief I met a man named Vladimir. He began at first as a friend, and as we became closer I developed feelings for him. But it seems his love was not returned and he feel for my sister at the time Eladamri. And so yet again I was alone. During this time I met my best friend, Shashian, and we were inseparable. Through her I met her father Elwin, and was so much in love, so close to marriage before a man named Elerosse showed up. I never truly got over Vlad and Elerosse confessed his true form was that which I held feelings for.

I faked my death, Elerosse bringing me into the darkness as I was tainted with the parasitic blood of the vampires. I never wished t change, but now I can’t go back. Elerosse promised me the world, but it all came crashing down when I found he was not with one other woman but a plethora. I left him and at that time Jesse returned and we fell back into our child-like courting.

I learned the truth in this land, that I was a twin, my brother showing up after I left Elerosse and learned that the beautiful woman who helped me though my transformation was none other than my true mother. Skylar was not himself though, as it seems something or someone had taken his sols on his journey to find me. I cared for him, and he stayed by my side, protecting me and helping with the hard decisions of life.

Finally I thought life was settled, we were wed and after his time with the drow he had changed, but I still loved him. Everything seemed to go wrong with us from the beginning, Eladamri trying to kidnap Jesse at our wedding, the loss of our first child, death threats to our family. Something always went wrong that made me question that love, until one night I learned of the ultimate betrayal that broke my heart forever.

I had recently learned of the death of Shashian, and due to a new friend I was presented with her head for burial and ceremony. That same night as I prepared for the burial as my kind traditionally did, I came upon my then husband, racked with grief. He confessed the affair, showed me their child and I became enraged. The two people I thought I loved the most, producing a child behind my back. I threw Sha’s head off the cliff, pulled in after it by the waves.

My time beneath the sea is one I wish not to relay…Skylar’s entrapped soul was released and I was presented with a blade. One of strong aquatic powers, as I hold no affinity to the magical fluid that sustains our world. The plants were always my only specialty…but now it seems I finally hold the true power to controlling that which I love, endless control of that which is green as now I hold their life-force.

Jesse and I are separated now, the children under my watchful eye and there I hope to keep them, for I will fight with all that I am for my kids. Skylar has been helping me care for them, the elf a natural. Mia and Gage are growing quickly, and they, along with Skylar are the only people that I will love that will always love me back, as we are true family, bound by blood.

The voices have stopped their growth, and it seems Skylar and I are alone.




William Gage appears to be a Pure Blood Vampire and a toddler. He is wearing some sort of woven clothing, made from organic materials, and a mischievous and hungry grin upon his face. Gage has sparkling blue eyes, pale skin, and black hair.

  • Has a tendency to bite others
  • Is the more developed of the two
  • It seems the small Ley'laré boy did not inherit many traits belonging to his birth parents, those he did came from their vampiric genes, and from that he has become a pure blood, much to his mothers confusion

Mia Rose appears to be a vampiric half-elf and a toddler. She is wearing a woven outfit, interlaced with daisy's on her body, and a small chain necklace holding some sort of wedding band (that belonging to her mother and father) around her neck. Mia has odd swirling silver eyes, pale skin, and black hair.

  • Tends to be the bully to her brother
  • Enjoys the sea, and most water for that matter

Both children believe Vladimir to be their father, as he was the first man they truly remember in their lives. Aryanna has yet to tell them differently

And thus began her obsession with the goddess:

Lauria spared another version of that polished but shallow smile to Aryanna, an unearthly breeze kicking up to tease a wayward auburn strand in a gentle dance on the summoned breeze. The leaves at her feet continued to sparkle like gems, rattling with foreknowledge of their mistress' plans. "Nature has embraced me and called me her own. I have not power without her blessing. I understand mortals have some knowledge of her majesty, and call themselves druids. I could teach you, were of a mind to learn. Marvel over what you could learn." And as she spoke, the Ascendi lifted her hands, that chain of glittering foliage rising with the moment as if pulled by an invisible string. In a brilliant burst of dazzling light each exploded into millions of the same counterpart, raining down on the occupants in a fireworks display of nature's flora. Meant to distract everyone for at least a moment's time, when everyone present would focus again, the spot where the young woman stood would be vacated, nothing left in her wake but a single flower, blooming from between a crack in the floorboards.

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