Meet the Demi


Her Temple

In the Underdark: Recently Defiled.

Stepping from darkness into golden light, one will ironically find, once one’s eyes have adjusted to the change in lighting, that what was once the darkest of temples in the cavern appears to have been destroyed. A ball of light illuminates the much smaller remaining cavern revealing that where a golden statue of the spider queen once stood, stands a garden, an odd incongruity in the dark and dead land. The ground, no longer cold unyielding stone, has become loamy dirt, not only capable of supporting a myriad of plants, but currently doing so. Ivy has climbed up the walls, almost covering the sooty marks of a fiery explosion, and healthy ferns dot the cavern, a relief for any eyes tired of the unrelenting forest of rock to the south. The ferns also provide a secondary function, hiding the skeletons of the drow that fell defending their goddess. Remains of broken statues dot the space. The only spot in the cavern not busy with either plants, or the remains of what was once an active temple to the spider queen is dead center where a pool of the purest water now rests, a sight which could very well remind one of a certain druidic pool on the surface. Firelilies grace the pond, reds and oranges brilliant over the clarity of the waters, a fitting tribute to the hearts of those who risked their souls to do what they felt needed to be done. Perhaps the only thing that does not remind one of an ancient and abandoned temple is what appears to be three long golden rods, reminiscent of the legs of a spider, protruding from under the piles of rock against the far cavern wall.

In short:

Name: Astrala
Apparent gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Area of Influence: Spiders, War
Preferred Class: Death Knight
Preferred Race: Drow
Appearance: Deathlike beauty.

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