Name: Calen

Age: Approximitely ten, but acts much older, for reasons he'll likely never share with anyone.

Hair color: White

Race: Lycan

When one's eyes light on the small lycan for the first time the first thing they might notice is his ability to stay still, odd in a child of his apparent years. His hair, snowy white, an unusual color for one so young, is usually fixed in a single braid, or falling carelessly about his shoulders and neck. His nails, like most others of his kind, are pointed, each protruding a quarter inch past his fingertips. Most notable however are his eyes, twin orbs of malachite that seem to stare inside you the longer his attention is held. All together, it's clear that he doesn't like being bothered, and likely won't hesitate to attack if he perceives you to be a threat.

Calen's Biography:
From the darkness he creeps, watching, waiting for the time to be right. Who is he? Ask and he'll likely say "nobody important". All his desires are those that stem from the need to run free, unrestrained by anyone, a simple wish that could very well finally come true. For now, he only observes, like a wolf watching it's prey for signs of weakness, movement limited to the flicker of intelligence behind Malachite tinted eyes. Alike and unlike those of his persuasion, his true nature is carefully guarded, nary a hint given to anyone, prefering silence over chatter and trusting few.

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