While "Canon" may be a new one to many, it has been around since the xxxx's. More recently it was pawned by Harry Potter roleplayers to refer to if they were keeping their creation true to the book or branching off (making Draco date oh say Hermione is not canon). In reference to Role Play it means 'To stay within truth, to keep accuracy and continuity above all things.

Here is an example that was just caught in Hollow "- is a lycan and seems to be a monk. He is wearing nothing on his body, warrior clip on the left ear, black-chainmail sleeve on the left arm, black-chainmail sleeve on the right arm…"

Can anyone else spot the problem?

Canon is more than keeping the realism. It is also a personal decision to stick with an rp to the end, or rp a way out of it if you must (not just quit).

Suggestions to keep Canon
1. keeping realistic to a set parameter.

2. Researching and developing and knowing how your character will act, and sticking to it..
A child being able to throw a giant is not canon, unless that child happens to be a deity stuck as a child. Or another recent example this author has seen, a one year old talking? That is very muchy not canon but here is a canon response "XXX looks at baby and idly wondered if the burbling noise was speech, but deciding she could care less, walked away."

3. Be creative, there is a way out of anything.

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