Chazoiken, Kurabi, and the Fulmanre

There are seven eternals, or high immortals, who contend for control of the world. Of these seven, four are Hyten and three Logent. The Hyten are Athedia, Halycon, Sume, and Syklona, who are lords of the elements of fire, earth, air, and water, respectively. The Logent are: Eri, known as the goddess of time, life, death, and luck; Estral, known as the god of death, life, war, and victory; and Chazoiken, known as the god of thunder, war, destruction, and power.

Of the seven, Chazoiken is by far the most powerful. He has not only defeated all four Hyten single-handedly, but he also conquered their creations, the divi. Chazoiken actively enforces dominion over the lesser eternals. However, his ego is far too large to merely rule the seven most powerful beings in the world; he wishes to rule over the divi and the mortals as well.

Kurabi is a divus like any other, save one thing: he has sworn himself into the service of Chazoiken and has received incredible power. Kurabi is strong enough to topple an entire pantheon if he sees fit, and he has been known to see fit on more than one occasion. Kurabi is Chazoiken's hand among the divi. Chazoiken gives Kurabi unmatchable power among his peers, and Kurabi ensures that all of the divi respect the might of Chazoiken.

The Fulmanre are three mortals handpicked by Kurabi to ensure the respect of the mortal races. Much like Kurabi himself, the Fulmanre receive great powers from Chazoiken. They then wipe out any civilization that hasn't shown enough respect for Chazoiken. The Fulmanre receive most of their orders from Kurabi, but it is not known whether Kurabi receives orders from Chazoiken or makes judgments himself.

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