Captain Lucielle Marie Eireni

Race: Erethel Elf

Occupation: Notorious Pirate

Weapons: Captain Kaven's Rapier and Xios Dieu

Abilities: Though quite diminutive, she still possesses an impressive degree of strength, enough to weild Xios Dieu for a short amount of time. She has a keen ability to decipher the workings of magical items so that she can use them to their full potential, as well as a shrewd business sense and general devious cleverness. Not to mention how she can almost keep up with the dwarves in drinking.

Spouse: None

Children: None

Title: Captain Eireni (usually shortened to just Cap'n)

History of Lucielle:

Born on a tempestuous night at sea in the hold of the very ship she captained for so long, the laboured cries of her mother could be heard by pirate and sea creature alike. Helped into the world by the former captain of the ship and his first mate, her mother died shortly after, the destination she'd paid to be ferried to never met. Her final wishes didn't go unheard however, Rian Eireni, the captain of The Exodus at the time taking Luci to be his own daughter and teching her, as best he could, the ways of elven kind as per her mother's wishes.

Early on in her youth she was entrusted to the care of man named Enthial, who served to teach her the way sof swordplay, how to run a ship and, where Rian faltered in his knowledge of elven ways, Enthial took up the slack, the man worldly and knowledgeable. A man of mysterious origins, the behemoth, ebon skinned man remains with Luci to this day, despite that she's well past the halfway point of her two hundreth year.

Rian's death eventually came, the human having been middle aged upon Luci's birth, the ship being passed on to her despite her youth, Enthial remaining to guide and teach her until she was old enough to take full command on her own. Having learned well, she earned herself a reputation and eventually status as the most notorious pirate around.

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