You may hear it now and then, “hold on, I am composing”, and no this does not refer to writing music.

Composing in the R.P. world is the all-encompassing word that we use to refer to the creative process (and time) that it takes to turn

“Jessica walked into the room” into…

“Jessica paused in the doorway to stomp the snow out of her boots. She knew that Martine the Dive manager would be irate if she tracked the slush into the brand new carpet, and thus took the time to stay on Martine’s good side. It was always wise to pay attention to the little things that were needed to remain on Martine’s good side, or at least avoid raising the hot-blooded pixie’s ire. Having accomplished the de-snowing of the boots she turned and glanced quickly about the room. Her cornflower blue eyes were pale in her face, nothing out of the norm, but the bruise that blacked the skin around one of them was perhaps more recent an acquisition. Apparently spotting what she had been looking for a smile slowly crept across her face and she began weaving her way amongst the tables to pause before the one she had come to meet.

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