Meet the Demi

Like and unlike his gardened cousins, this gnome carries not a fishingpole but a wand. Often refers to self as 'the cloak and the dagger/crystal'.

His Temple

Location: north of the mountain path between the Secluded Village and Kelay.

Lengthy steps of cold, cruel marble pave passage to a foreboding threshold of a temple residing in darkness. Illumination finds itself an exile upon these unholy grounds and any such previous bringers of light are extinguished with but a harsh bite of chilling wind. Depths of shadows’ vile grasp hold tight an enthrallment unto ancient architecture, footsteps trodden an augmented noise amongst silence otherwise reigning. Visibility is contrasted to nothing, hindering sights with a menacing malice that conveys the mystique and deception that the Cloak and Crystal favors. An archway of unwelcoming barbed steel is the portal that must be crossed for entrance into the interior of a sinister setting. The entirety of the temple is an open grandeur, a circular structure centering worship around a monolithic statue of the gnomish deity himself. It shall be through this unanimity that the Cloak and Crystal shall communicate, whence his power fails him; but it shall remain the centre of a shadowy sanctuary. Space occupies around it, obviously intent for kneeling followers and praying subservience, and the ominous ceiling holds steadfast by a pattern of strategically placed columns.

In short:

Name: Coreliant
Apparent gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Area of Influence: Deception, Illusion
Preferred Class: Illisionist
Preferred Race: Gnome
Appearance: Withered old gnome, often in a battered robe holding a jeweled wand wearing a necklace of gold with an orb.

Random moments in time

Coreliant said to Yoshimoto, "Do you know me? I am the master of shadows and
serpents; the deceiver of the heavens. My illusions are real, and you, -you-
are playing fool."

Coreliant adorns his normal motif of façade that provides the whimsical grin
under shadow of a beak-like nose, craned as if a witch's. Crimson eyes, cold
and glaring beads, pierce a curtaining veil of unkempt brow, narrowing to
fixate Yoshimoto¹s figure more clearly. Their alterations are minor, but a
feral nature reigns about them this day; arms ascend straight out from the
torso, to his sides, tattered and battered robes caressing their movement
with sways and bobs. Digits and extremities outstretch, their wrinkled
frames remain solitary as the palms twist to the heavens above the stature
of a thin, short gnome ingeniously comical to a wandering observant. Then,
truly then, does this godly power reveal itself with the shrouding of a
mystical gnome, nigrescent plumes enveloping his figure like tenebracious
shadows. Its mass, a horrible darkness that consumes the entire Xalious
region, writhes and stretches in hellish fog until the sun is blotted out in
a hideous eclipse of doom. A dramatic stage of power that could consume
thoughts to that of suicide, genocide, or homicide, an absence of pinnacle
light that is able to make the plants and flora alike weep in dismay. But
the final epitome of this malice lies in the depths of this vile homage,
where a knight stands in sheer brilliance of an otherworldly glow. A glow of
spite and malevolence itself that is both darker and lighter than the
forsaken blight dawned upon them. With cold, cruel eyes beneath a facemask
of soul screaming essence, does this dreadful soldier scrutinize Yoshimoto
with finality, fatal innards pounding on the pure archetype of heaven¹s
downcast creatures. He stands aside a horse of marrow and fire, billowing in
the darkness with a monstrous maw, aligned with the serrated teeth that
could rend heads to shreds. Then, as if a blink, it is gone. Vanished. There
stands that gnome, grinning is toothy grin.

Coreliant said to Jacklin, "Why do these other mortals not comprehend?"
Jacklin said to Coreliant, "It is simple, you know the answer already. They
fear those who are not like themselves. Your power greatly outranks their
own and your age is immeasurable. Thus, they cannot gauge you as they do all
the rest in this realm."

Jacklin said to Coreliant, "What do you plan to do with said followers?"
Coreliant said to Jacklin, "Send them on great tasks, reward them; the
Coreliant gives a great bow, whimsical smile his ever-adorned feature.
"Follow me, and be rewarded!"
Jacklin said to Coreliant, "I certainly enjoy rewards for my labor. Your
name, and offer, will be on my mind. Seeing as you actually have some sense
about you."
Coreliant said to Jacklin, "I am the cloak and crystal."

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