Garrett Creshan

Garrett Creshan - Drow Assassin

Garrett Creshan is a drow and appears to be a Assassin: Rogue Apprentice. He is a denizen from parts unknown, and is faithless. He is 4'11" and athletic, and he has deep crimson eyes, shoulder-length ivory hair, and obsidian toned skin. He is not married. Garrett Creshan has a fame rating of 0. He is wielding a set of stylized daggers.

Garrett Creshan is a member of the guild Rogues Guild.

Garrett Creshan is not a member of a clan.

Garrett Creshan is not a member of a militia.


Garrett is a vagabond assassin, roaming from town to town, earning his keep by performing “duties” or “contracts” from other people. Never one to discuss “business” in front of others, he prefers to remain quiet and alone, confining himself underneath the dark hood he dons over his head. Raised in a drow household with his parents and other members, Garrett grew up learning the secretive arts of the assassin, specializing in small blades and throwing projectiles. To ensure a successful career, Garrett would often speak to prisoners, whether they be dying or being tortured, to learn to speak their language, knowing full well that the world was far more expansive than his simple kingdom he resided in.

Growing in his abilities soon brought the unwanted attention of other drow houses, jealous of the successes of the young Creshan. They plotted, schemed, and eventually assaulted the house, their numbers amassed so greatly that the tiny house was overran, the blood of many drow seeping into the streets that day. Garrett escaped by being knocked out then having the body of another drow land upon him, covering his young self, but not without seeing his brothers and sisters, mother and father, relatives both old and young slaughtered like they were meaningless.

Revenge: his motive. He trusts none, thus he remains alone, traveling with none, roaming from town to town, never letting any know where he has come from, for it brings up memories he would like to forget. DrowDragonElfDwarf… It matters not to him, for they are all taking the place of the ones who killed his household.


Garrett is your run of the mill assassin, adept at the pair of blades he wields and adroit in physical prowess. He prefers to stay out of the sun and other bright lights due to his lineage as a drow. He possesses no magical ability at this time.


Garrett uses a pair of daggers as his blades, preferring to keep something small and lightweight, yet extremely deadly due to his pinpoint accuracy.


Garrett is very adept at using small blades, daggers, and other metal objects of small stature. He can wield them or throw them with deadly accuracy.


Garrett cannot stand the sun or bright lights, blinding him instantly and causing massive irritation to his skin. He is also weak to magic, having never learned nor desired to learn any spells, enchantments, and so forth. When a magic user is around, he will more than likely stay as far away as possible, not out of fear, but out of necessity since he cannot defend against it.

Picture: Random Drow by ~tashigi
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