Crimson Crusaders

About the Clan

We are the Crimson Crusaders, CC for short. We are an Independant clan of Hollow. Just because we are Independant doesn't mean that we aren't afraid to get involved. Although we are very young compared to other clans, we are strong. We are always looking for excelent Role-Play Dueling skills in our members, as well as potential members. It's not as easy to get in as you think. We supply Role-Play training, if needed, to members via the leaders and skilled members. We have a strict Code of Conduct that all members are expected to follow. The CC prides itself by standing for Strength, Loyalty, and Pride. The leaders as of now are Arioch and Torent.

Independant: We basically do as we see fit in the situation but always stand true to our allies and to our word.

Joining the Clan: The 75 HP needed to join the clan has exceptions to it. It is just there so members have experience with being on hollow, how to act, and how to do things. We don't except Newbie characters (No offense to anyone) but we are looking for experience. If you want to join the clan you need to h-mail Torent with information about yourself. What needs to be included in it is 1) How long you have been playing hollow (not just with that character) 2) Your Role-Play information, as of Role-Play dueling. Just talk about how many you have had, if you think you are any good, stuff like that. 3) Why you would like to join the Crusaders. We don't want to be taking people just because they think it would be neat to join the Crusaders.

Remember: "Live by the Code, and die by the Code"

taken from the Crimson Crusaders Homepage

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