Celestrial Wanderers

Celestial Wanderers is a dojo, put simply. The members treat it as a school to further their abilities in the many aspects of role-playing and dueling, and also to become teachers to fellow players. A lot is learned as a member of CW.


The clan serves Hollow as a whole to better the RP world (that is, "role-play world").

This is achieved by making sure each member is skilled and knowledgeable in the ways of role-playing and dueling, so that they not only fit the standards of what we dub "The Dojo", but that Hollow may look up to them for advice and help in those specific areas.

The clan serves Hollow well by not only being creative in personal and group RP's, but by taking on what we call "apprentices"; teaching fellow players how to RP and duel more effectively and well.

As can be seen, Celestial Wanderers is quite an asset to Hollow, the role-playing-game.

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