While it is assumed that you already know what this word means (to: have "cybersex", act out a sexual scene within a Role Play Game, etc.).

First off, there are a few things to keep in mind. About every game out there logs everything. So what you are doing can and most likely will be read by others, and if what you are doing is against the rules (as it is in most games), you will be punished.

Suggestions on how not to get the Wrath of Admin on your head.
1. Don't do it. Get to the point where you know that the characters will be doing more that is appropriate to role play, then just comment Out of Character that the scene faded forward and pick it up sometime later.
2. take it to some for of instant messenger, that way 1. you are not breaking game rules. 2. no one will amble into wherever you are in the game and everyone die of embarrassment.

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