Meet the Demi

Cyela is a feline and seems to be a thief. She is wearing shadowy garb on her body, hood-of-mists on her head, shadow veil on her face, golden choker on her neck, obsidian pauldrons upon her shoulders, spiked armlet on the left arm, spiked armlet on the right arm, black-leather gloves on her hands, crystal band on her left wrist, crystal band on her right wrist, shadow-silk trousers on her legs, and padded boots on her feet. Cyela has dagger-of-midnight as a weapon. She has shadowy mists as a shield. Cyela has glowing green eyes, dark skin, and black hair.

Her Temple

The calm amidst chaos, a haven of peace and tranquility this simple, unassuming temple stands in stark contrast to both the world which rages around it, and the diety to whom it is dedicated. Not clearly having either walls or a floor, the ground here is supportive none the less, while neither vision nor assault of the surrounding storm might be had. Instead gleaming, brass censures and black, wrought-iron braizers overflow with unending billows of ethereal haze. Blanketing the walls in an impenetrable coating of mists, the vaporous weepings then spill over onto the floor, slathering it in an ankle-high cloud. Illumination eminating from the fog which cloaks this sanctuary, the rest of the bulding remains dark and shadowy by comparison, whatever rises above the nebulosity plunged into the dim ambiance above. A steady trek lay ahead, a daunting corridor flanked by flouted, white columns and capped by an unassuming, pitched roof. A fresco depicting the banishment of the Nine from the Gates of Arcadia, forever frozen in time, decorates the gables, the piece of continuious artwork never interrupted by the intersection of each pillar. Truncating the imposing ailse, a shale crafted dias looms, upon which stands a life-sized, ebon statue of the Goddess Cyela. Feline in every aspect, save one, the effigy of the empyrean femme appears to be the altar. Human hands cup the elbows of opposite limbs, arms folded one over the other, to recieve offerings. Glowing stones, their radiance manipulated to always refract a very distinct and sharp malachite hue, serve as the eerie reminder to the Ascended's most notable feature. Subject to neither the whims nor ravages of time, this shrine appears as having been recently constructed, evermore.

In short:

Name: Cyela
Apparent gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Area of Influence: Mystery
Preferred Class: Thief
Preferred Race: Feline
Appearance: Feline-likeā€¦.

A Random Moment in Time


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