Meet the Demi


Her Temple

Floating stones make up the pathway over the water that leads to the simple temple. Waves crash upon the exterior of the edifice, the golden walls to withstand their beatings for all of eternity. The building itself is an open-concept: a roof that gleams from the sun’s rays, and poles to hold it up over the polished metallic floor. The stretch of wall between each pillar is only waist high, allotting the howling wind to rush through, reminding one of a crying Goddess. The only adornment within the golden temple is a simple statue, carved from various materials in the likeness of Daedria herself, a plump hobbit with a kind, understanding visage. In it, her presence lasts forever. A small bowl is left before the bare feet of the statue, for offerings should followers care to leave some to placate the Deity.

In short:

Name: Daedria
Apparent gender: Female
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Area of Influence: Musical stuffs
Preferred Class: Bard
Preferred Race: Hobbit
Appearance: Carries a harp.

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