Name: Darnerian Hawthorne Keane

Random stuffage: Many have heard of him, but few outside of his own rank have ever seen the young ranger who was made old before his time by his mother's bearing one of the accursed Seals. He's small and slender yet rugged (175 cm, 73kg), bearing mussy amber locks and piercing periwinkle irises in contrast with lightly bronzed flesh. But do not let his youthful appearance deceive: he can shift from the flighty demeanor of a child to the deadly serious attitude of an adult with the greatest of ease, when the need arises. Appearing to be in his early twenties, Darnerian carries the mental capacity of a young teen, but his unnatural aging has left him woefully lacking in the most basic of skills, though he'll never let on what that entails. At his core, he is a boy searching for his place in a man's world, though he believes himself firmly pointed in the right direction.

*Picture courtesy of kirstie1974 of DeviantArt*

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