Deliel: Goddess of Water

Deliel, renowned for her malicious trickery and betrayal, stands as goddess for the Hyten lord of water, Syklona. Ruling from her azure temple in the heart of Kemay, the devious one is probably most famed for her defeat of Alaast, god of earth, at the request of Dioh, god of air.

The war between air and earth raged for centuries, and continues to do so, but, nearing the end of his tether and defeat, Dioh found himself pleading with Deliel for help against his now-mighty foe. Heeding his request in return for a spoken agreement of loyalty, one that has yet to be fulfilled, the woman donned her particularly splendid physical form and headed for the plane of earth, her devious plan already taking shape before her. In a seductive play towards Alaast's famous desire for mortal pleasures, the tricky divus managed to deceive him into sharing his mana, weakening him to a sufficient degree to sap more and more, until she had almost twice the power she possessed originally.

After rendering Alaast to naught but a shell of his original power, Deliel remains busy with her new fixation: Andaur, god of fire. Her natural enemy weaker than she, the goddess has little fear, acquiring a newfound arrogance in the wake of her successful plight. However, slivers of insecurity penetrate her haughty fa├žade, portrayed most obviously by the secrecy of her dealings and the seclusion of her temple. Said temple sits comfortably on a large island within Kemay borders, surrounded by moats enchanted by the many priests of Deliel to be continuously stormy and turbulent, ensuring no one but the most devoted follower can reach the goddess and her closest confidants.

Naturally, skalja are a prime example of ones likely to follow Deliel, as well as any other mortals that wish to develop their knowledge of water or rain. This goddess also has supreme influence over rainfall, so farmers and seafaring types would most likely be wise to offer their devotion, lest they become caught within one of Deliel's many wanton tidal waves, or droughts.

Petite and slender in stature, Deliel in her physical form is generally irresistible to most males. Her thin, gorgeous face showcases naturally rouge-stained cheeks, full petal-pink lips, and an aquamarine gaze as deep as the seas themselves. Straight, strawberry blonde tendrils grace her crown, cascading down her back to caress the curves of her shapely hips. Glowing with health, her sun-kissed skin makes her appearance all the more alluring, not a blemish to be found anywhere on her immaculate frame. A full bosom and trim waist are accentuated by the fitted, lightweight fabrics usually worn by the Goddess of Water and Rain, the short garments in sheer hues of cobalt and aqua bringing out the striking color of her eyes. Legs uncharacteristically long for a woman of such slight are almost always bared to the eye, vision to trail them taken to a delicate gold anklet of charms decorating the way to her dainty slippered feet.

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