Name: Demont Roussai


Race/Class: Vampire Assassin
Age: 21
The most memorable thing Demont can remember of his past are his parents, and their death.

Upon a cold night in mid fall, Demont went off to think in the woods near his home, his home being in a distant land. After several hours of walking in the eerie forest, the child decided to return home. When he set foot upon the road leading to his home, an orange glow illuminated the horizon. Being a child, he didn't think anything of it at first and continued onward to his home. The smell of burning wood entered his nostrils as he neared his home, and now anxiety was working within the child’s little frame. Demont's blue eyes widened in horror as he saw his home burning, his mother and father upon their front yard. Slowly, and cautiously, Demont made his way to what looked like the silhouette of an upturned cross, a shriek of horror left the boys throat as he saw his mother upon the cross, her throat slit and eyes gone. The sound of rope under strain caught his ears from the left, a body, his father's was tied to a tree, hanged. Demont fell on the ground, to shocked to emit any recognizable sounds. He turned back to the horrific image of his mother, a golden pendant about her neck glinted in the light from the blazing house. Reaching for the object slowly he tore the necklace from the corpse of his mother.

A piece of parchment near the wrist of his mother caught his attention and he pulled it free from the wood, tears running down his cheeks; The note read.

"You vampires are a plague to us, we will slaughter all of you without mercy. Three vampires took residence in this home, but we only found two. The third will be found."

Thoughts raced though the boys mind, why had this happened? What did he do? What was he going to do? With the pendant from his mother dangling in his hand, he walked, not knowing where he was going to go. After 4 days of walking blindly, the child fell in the middle of a forest, weak and dying. Unconsciousness swallowed him up, he didn't know where he was, or where he was going, only that he was about to die. Someone must have stumbled upon the boy, for several days of fainting, he awoke in a room of a tavern.

And so begins the story of Demont and the life of The World Called Hollow.

Demont began a new life in Hollow, loathing all, hatred consuming his little mind. He spent several years learning the lands, and learning the ways of the sword. The boy became a rather skilled fighter, and powerful for being a child.

There were some who looked out for him, some of those people were Alexiaisis, Lyra, Crisiant and Seri. Demont became as close as he allowed to these few, after a while, he began to look at Seri as a father figure.

Then a woman named Sapphire entered his orphan life, wishing to have a brother. Demont agreed to become the adoptive brother of the woman.

Several month after the agreement, the land of Hollow went under a drastic change, the lands collapsed and an apocalypse approached.

Years passed, and Demont had been alone in the wilderness outside the reaches of Hollow. News soon reached him that the lands had been reconstructed and he returned. Some of those he knew were gone, such as his sister, Sapphire. But still Alexiaisis, Lyra, Seri and Crisiant remained, but the health of Seri was fading. Upon Seri's death, the man entrusted Demont with a blade, made of Black Diamond; Burning Dawn was the name of the weapon.

Demont spent a year or two just wandering around the land, keeping to himself, haunted by memories of his past.

As his past plagued him more and more, he began praying to the gods of the underworld, striking a deal with them, After a month of seclusion, he reemerged, possessed by a demon, Thabose. The demon plagued him worse than the memories of his past the demon was hiding. Demont attempted to rid himself of the demon, but failed. He decided to leave the lands. He spent three months alone, finally riding the demon, but at a price. His soul was now black and tainted. His memories starting to come back, slowly. He decided to return to Hollow, and where the rest of Demont's life begins…

Taken from: Demont's Homepage

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