Dezerae’s Description

Name: Dezerae Henoko

Nicknames: Dez, Dezzy and others

Age: Forever 18

Sex: Female

Race: Vampiric Feline(can't be easily seen since she already has fangs from her felineness. So you can only know she's vampiric by her telling you or you getting bit)

Sired by: Danielle

Height: 5’4

Weight: 109

Class: Mage

Eyes: Dark crimson

Hair: Long scarlet hair

Body: Slim yet curvy

Martial Status:—

Clan: Blood Angels

Looks: She has long scarlet hair that reaches just below her waist, with scarlet cat ears poking out. Her eyes are a dark shade of crimson.

Personality: She has a scarlet tail and claws (not paws). She keeps to herself sometimes yet can also be playful.

Weapon: Demon-blood-stained wand, yo-yo

Pets: Cat named Linky, Albino bat
named Bubbles, Tarantula named Coco

Family: Doesn’t know where they are

Friends: They know who they are…

Likes: Swimming, watching people fight, babies, babysitting Eilly's kids, cookies, brownies, and blood wine.

Dislikes: People calling her kitty, celery or anything else healthy, her enemies and meanies.

Other things that might be important: Dezerae has a cat form but she doesn’t know it. And she really doesn’t care.

Dezerae's Biography:

Dezerae was born to a Red Panther tribe. Life seemed well until a group of humans came attacking the tribe. Those her parents were killed, Dezerae and her brother, Devon, survived. The two wandered and they were all each other had. But when Dez was about five years old, Devon was killed by a group of humans and Dezerae was left to live alone.
When she was about seventeen, Dezerae appeared in a world called hollow. She didn’t seem found of all the humans except one. Rhiane. He was kind to her and seemed to care. He disappeared yet Dezerae began to trust humans. And she’s lived in Hollow ever since.

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