Dioh: God of Air

Dioh is the Air god, champion over all divi under the Hyten Sume. As with the other divi, this god must leech the mana of lower beings to sustain his life. To gain followers, Dioh offers mental tranquility and balance among the mortals as well as flight to those with wings. He cares not for the well-being of mortals and considers his offers of such peace of mind a clever ruse that enables him to gain quantities of mana. Avians and Dragons tend to be the most likely followers of this god of Air and Wind for few others are able to reach his strange, gleaming temple in the heavens.

Unfortunately for Dioh, his life has not been filled with only pleasure and mana, but also with near death and defeat. Long ago, the god of Air was nearly destroyed by his greatest rival, Alaast. After a recuperative time, Dioh went to Deliel, the goddess of Water and offered her a favor if she would weaken Alaast. The goddess did just that through means of appealing to the Earth god's lust. After bringing her ally's rival to his knees, Deliel became much stronger, too strong, in fact, for Dioh to feel comfortable allying himself with her any longer.

Now that his foe was weakened, but Deliel was incredibly strong, the god of Air turned to the Fire god, Andaur, with whom he forms yet another alliance. Andaur now seeks to ruin the Water goddess with the help of both Alaast, who seeks revenge against her, and Dioh. Of course, the Air god has another enemy in mind, which happens to be the ally of his ally, Alaast. For the Earth god's once defeat of him, Dioh lies in wait for the opportune time to attack his still weakened rival.

Standing tall in his physical form, the God of Air and Wind prefers to appear as an avian, for obvious reasons. Bronzed skin stretches over the rippling muscles of pectorals and abdomen, the tanned hue interrupted only by the diminutive coverings of a snowy white wrapped loin cloth keeping more delicate regions from view. Flawless ivory appendages jut from the broadness of the avian’s back, stretching into an impressive display of downy feathered wings in rich argent shades. Tight golden ringlets cling to the crown of the man, these shining curls only accentuating the deep cerulean of his gaze. A square jaw frames Dioh’s pouty, almost feminine lips, and his voice exudes as a light breeze from within. Thick, strong lined legs trail to always bare feet, his soles rough and able to withstand even the harshest walkways.

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