Elinon's Dueling Guidelines


  • Duels should always have an IC reason for happening, even if that reason is as simple as two characters wishing to spar.

* An odd number of judges should be picked before the duel begins. Three is the usual number, but five are sometimes used for duels with high stakes.

* In order to prevent disputes, all duelists should approve of the chosen judges.

* The duelists should decide on one of the judges to be mid. The mid will take the votes from the other judges, announce the results, and send the duel to Calixte (see "Submitting" below).

* All rules regarding auto-hits, time limits, number of rounds, etc. should be agreed upon OOC by the duelists, then announced to the judges before the duel begins. Do not assume that there's a "normal" time limit or such. Make sure all rules are clear before you start dueling.

* Judging is OOC. The mid's character should not step forward and announce the winner of the duel.


When judging, the following criteria should be considered. The actual amount of weight each criterion holds in your decision is up to you, however:

* Clarity - How easy was it to understand what's going on? Did you get a headache trying to decipher the duelist's moves? Were you able to glide easily through the text, or did you have to stop and reread things several times? Spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure all affect this aspect of judging.

* Diversity - Did the duelist use what was basically the same move over and over? Or were the moves different each time?

* Originality - Were the duelist's moves just like ones you've seen in a dozen other duels, or did the duelist put genuine effort into keeping things more interesting?

* Realism - Did the duelist's moves seem to fit with the character's capabilities and style? Or did they seem to be just trying to come up with the flashiest moves they could think of, regardless of whether or not their character would actually be able to pull them off?

* Rules - Did the duelist adhere to the rules agreed on before the duel began?


If you are new to dueling, read a few of other people's duels first. Familiarize yourself with the basic structure, and try to determine why one duelist wins while the other loses. Read the judging guidelines above, and when dueling, be sure to follow the rules you agreed on.


For judged duels, the winner receives fame equal to one half of the loser's fame, or five fame, whichever is more. The loser receives one fame. In a death duel, the winner receives all of the loser's fame. In order to receive the fame, the mid judge must send Fame the following via Elinon's in-game mail system:

  1. The subject should be (Duelist1) vs. (Duelist2), winner (winner), where (Duelist1) and (Duelist2) are the names of the duelists, and (winner) is the name(s) of the winning duelist(s).
  2. The complete duel, including the statement of the rules and each of the duelists' moves. Do not include any other chat that may be on your screen. We don't wanna see it.
  3. The list of judges, as well as who each judge voted for.
  4. The winner of the duel.

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