Dying in Elinon

Every mortal dies eventually. If your character dies in Elinon, then that character is dead, obviously. You cannot just up and decide that your character will be resurrected and live again. You must be resurrected by a Faithless who has attained the skill, or seek divine intervention from one of Elinon’s eight gods. Following are the guidelines for resurrection and divine intervention. When your character dies, the spirit, or soul, separates from the corporeal body and begins its ascension to the afterlife. If you have any hopes to live again, the soul must be contained somehow. Also, the body must be in relatively good condition, or it will not be able to hold the soul, regardless of being resurrected. Resurrection must take place within one day of death, or the soul will dissipate. If you do not follow these guidelines, your character is dead and can no longer be played.

Resurrection by a Faithless

Characters who are ‘Faithless’ have the option to learn the resurrection skill. Only members of the Faithless have this skill, so no, not any necromancer can be approached for resurrection.

The skill can only be used once per character, so the character using his/her resurrection spell on you will probably need a very good reason to do so. That character will never be able to resurrect another.

Resurrection does not come without a price. The character doing the resurrection will lose something valuable in exchange for the life of your character, like sight, or hearing, or something equal.

For Example: Leyna dies. Calixte does not want Leyna to die. Calixte happens to be Faithless, and has learned the resurrection skill. Calixte uses said spell on Leyna, Leyna lives again. However, Calixte is now deaf. Forever.

This seems pretty straight forward to me. Contact an admin if you have any questions on Faithless Resurrection.

Divine Intervention

The only other option to live again after death is to be granted Divine Intervention by one of Elinon’s Gods. Being granted this will depend on the mood of the god, and the manner in which your character died. Following are the guidelines that must be met, depending on the manner of death, for Divine Intervention to even be considered by a God.

Suicide Divine Intervention will not be granted. Don’t ask.

Death in Non-Duel Battle

If your character died in a non-duel battle, (you were RPing and decided of your own accord to have your character die) the only requirements are that the body was left in decent condition, the soul was retained, and it is within the one day timeframe. Divine Intervention may be requested of a God.

Death Duel

If your character died as the result of a lost death duel, the same requirements apply, plus one. The body must be left in decent condition, the soul must be retained, it must be within the one day timeframe, and this last point is most important. Permission from the winner of the death duel must be obtained for Divine Intervention to even be considered. If you do not have this permission, don’t bother requesting it.

Death by Angered God Smitage

If you angered a God, and were punished by a death blow, Divine Intervention will not be granted. Do not ask.

Requesting Divine Intervention

The Gods are not commonly played in Elinon. If your character has died, and you’d like to request divine intervention, notify an admin so one of the Gods can be contacted.

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