Frequently Asked Questions in Elinon

Q: What's the difference between the ooc command and the chat command?

A: The ooc command is to be used to tell things to all of the players on Elinon. You could use the ooc command to announce that you're going to be idle for a few minutes, or that a duel will be occuring somewhere. The ooc command is not to be used for idle chitchat; that's what the chat command is for.

Q: What do the admin levels mean?

A: Level X: Executive.
Level A: Activity Coordinator.
Level W: World admin.
Level P: Player admin. (customizing, etc.)
Level M: Moderator.

Q: How do I become an admin?

A: Admin applications are opened approximately every three months, so players do have a chance to apply. However, when they are not open, there are no places among the team, so the answer is quite simple: you can't.

Q: What's all this Common/Undercommon/Elvish stuff?

A: Those would be different languages. If you know a language, you can speak and understand it. If not, you can't. Language only affects the say and shout commands. You can change the language that you're speaking by selecting a different language in the menu before you hit submit. All characters start the game knowing Common, as well as one other language, determined by race. The specifics follow:
Language: Races
Avian: avian
Centaur: centaur
Draconic: dragon, skalja
Drow: drow
Dwarvish: dwarf
Elvish: elf
Gnomish: gnome
Minotaur: minotaur
Natari: natari
Orkish: orc
Troll: troll
Undercommon: giant, golem, halfling, human

Q: Can I get fame without dueling or winning a special quest?

A: Yes. Fame is attainable by putting your character to work! Check the public boards for help wanted ads, or visit the Commerce Counselor in Genet. You may be able to acquire a shop of your choice without having the required fame, and earning the right to keep your shop through RP. Also, any RPs that are seen by and/or impress an admin could result in awarded fame points. The key is RP, RP, RP!

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