Flow of Mana in Elinon

In the world of Elinon, mortals, high mortals, and high immortals all generate enough mana to keep themselves living. In the case of mortals, they need only provide their bodies with material sustenance to survive, and the high immortals need not even do that. How, immortals have the problem of needing to leech mana from other sources if they don't wish to perish. A select few immortals serve high immortals, and receive their sustenance from their, but the vast majority of the immortals must rely on mortals for existence.

Over the millenia, a system of mana transference has been creating that most divus heirarchies follow. At the bottom are the mortals, and the mana is moved up through stages until it finally reaches a lone god or a pantheon. Mana is harvested from the mortals mostly in one of two ways. The first method involves mortal worship of the god at the top of the pantheon. When a mortal enters a temple and begins to perform worship to an immortal, their soul begins to become more open and starts to radiate mana. In smaller shrines and temples, demons generally harvest the mana and use it for survival. However, on regular occasions, a higher-ranking representative from the heirarchy will travel through and drain a certain amount of the mana from the demons, taking it to its own superiors. This mana is transferred from level to level in much the same way, until a small percentage of it reaches the god at the head of the heirarchy.

The second method is sacrifice. Since the mortal soul is composed of mana, and the soul itself is the source of the mana the reapers reap, the sacrifice of a mortal life allows the entire soul to be collected at once. Of course, drain mana from a mortal over an extended period of time will yield much more mana than a sacrifice will, which is why sacrifice is usually only used on beasts, conquered foes, infidels, and unfaithfuls.

In order to maintain piety among a god's followers, the various weaker divi who serve the god will perform miracles and manifestations from time to time. Let it be noted that it is almost never the actual god who is performing these acts, merely one of its minions. By pretending to be able to be everywhere, however, a god is able to instill an amount of awe and fear in its followers.

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