Fame, Proficiency and Piety Guidelines

Fame, proficiency and piety are three ways in which your character can interact within the game of Elinon. Below are the ways to achieve a ranking with each.


Fame points allow you a few fun perks within Elinon. With enough fame, you can open a shop, buy a house, have your character’s picture appear when another looks at you, or even choose custom classes and ranks.

Earning Fame

There are a few different ways to earn fame for your character. RP dueling, regular RP, special admin-hosted quests, open a shop, or finding work. The whole purpose behind the fame is to encourage RP within Elinon.

Fame is awarded as follows for RP duels:


When participating in a regular duel, have it judged. The three judges will make their decision, and the mid judge should then send the duel, the list of judges, and who each judge voted for in an elimail to Calixte. The winner of the duel will receive fame equal to half of the loser’s total fame, or 5 fame, whichever is higher. The defeated player will receive one fame point simply for participating.

Death duels vary only slightly. A bigger risk is taken with your character in a death duel, obviously. Therefore, the winner of a death duel will be awarded with all the loser’s fame, or 5 fame, whichever is higher. The loser’s character will die, so clearly no fame will be awarded to that character.

Opening a shop:

Shops are available to any character with at least 10 fame, but anyone without the required amount of fame can obtain a shop through RP. Approval will be needed, and RPs will have to be submitted. For example, a character could open a Smithy. Simply submit RPs of forging weapons for others, and fame will be awarded. After 30 days, your shop and fame will be reviewed, and if you do not yet have the 10 fame needed for a shop, you will be given a deadline by which the fame must be obtained, or you will be forced to vacate that shop. To do this, have your character travel to the Commerce Office in Genet, and take a meeting with the Commerce Counselor. If the Counselor is not available, an elimail can be sent to Commerce outlining your request.

Finding Work:

Visit the public boards often, and watch for ‘Help Wanted’ posts. Other characters may choose to hire a hand in their shop, or maybe one of the taverns will be in search of a barmaid or barkeep! If you do find a job for your character, submit RPs of your character hard at work, and fame will be awarded.

Regular RP:

If an admin happens to notice a particularly interesting RP, you may be awarded with fame. Be sure to RP whenever you can, because you never know when an admin may be watching!


Proficiency points allow you to earn skills for your character. Currently, Elinon offers over 50 different skills, which are necessary to finish a number of quests or enter certain areas.

Earning Proficiency

Proficiency points are earned in only one way; completing quests. Wandering around Elinon and reaching certain checkpoints will result in fame, as well as talking to many of the various bots and being sent on different quests. Watch for signs marking quest entrances as well.


Piety points are available to those characters who choose to follow one of Elinon’s Gods (see the Religion section of the Library). Piety points allow followers of the Gods to learn skills with lower amounts of proficiency.

Earning Piety

Piety points are earned in a few different ways. You can RP duel a character who worships an opposing god (which would earn you not only piety but fame as well!), completing quests, or by having religion-based RPs get noticed by an admin.

Do NOT call for an admin to come watch you RP, or submit your own miscellaneous RPs in hopes of earning fame. The only RPs we will accept from players in regards to fame are those relating to shops or jobs. Thank you.

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