Elinon's House and Shop Guidelines
  1. A character must be active in Elinon for two weeks before a house or shop can even be requested.
  2. Obtaining a house or shop will require a minimum of 10 fame. The first room is 10 fame, then 5 fame per additional room after that. For example, a 4 room house will require a character to have 25 fame. In multiple room houses, one of the rooms may be converted into a shop should you so desire.
  3. Houses and shops are ‘bought’ as is. No additional rooms or floors can be added. A wall can be opened or closed off within the house to suit a player’s floorplan, but additions are not available.
  4. Descriptions of the houses and shops will ideally be written to reflect their surroundings and size. For instance, a one room house in the arid, destitute kingdom of Nadezda should not be written as a lavish 12 room gold-bathed mansion with a waterfall in the yard.
  5. Each character is only allowed one house and shop within Elinon, and each player is only allowed one house and shop per city.
  6. Upon the death or departure of a character, the admin staff is to be notified so that character’s home and/or shop can be vacated and made available to another character.

If you have questions about how to achieve fame, go to the Fame, Proficiency, and Piety Guidelines.

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