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Elinon Online (Elinon) is a text-based MMORPG that anyone with a Web browser can play. It features sixteen races to choose from when creating a character, and the list of guilds, clans, and militias to join is ever-growing. The game is designed to stress roleplaying ability over stat-building, so anyone can get ahead regardless of how much time they have online. In fact, characters don't even have stats. If you're interested in a world where you get to make decisions that affect others, then Elinon Online is the game for you.

Elinon Online's most unique features include: different languages that your character can learn to speak; quests that earn you fame, proficiency, and piety points, as well as points earned for judged duels, which can be used to gain new abilities; the ability to edit your own house any time you wish; fully customizable description; eight religions to choose from, or decide to be faithless.

Elinon also strives for realism. We have recently appended our enforced roleplay guidelines. All players will be monitored to be sure that these guidelines are being followed at all times. In doing so, we hope to bring an element of realism to Elinon that other games cannot boast to possess.

Elinon's Rules of Gameplay
Elinon's Shop and House Guidelines
Elinon's Dueling Guidelines
Elinon's Fame, Proficiency and Piety Guidelines
Dying in Elinon Guidelines
Elinon's Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative Staff of Elinon

Calixte Annelise Leyna Sercc
Creshan Lalatia Alladryn Lucielle Kellion

Top Players of Elinon

Position Fame Proficiency Piety
1 Hayate 94 Baron 285 Laanshor 25
2 Camryn 44 Bandrel 215 Daekalii 15
3 Caden 43 Nizendaar 200 Annelise 10
4 Carsin 41 Keryth 175 Hayate 8
5 Thaele 35 Hayate 135 Xue 8
Durza 135

Character Biographies of Elinon

Current Roleplays in Elinon

Starstone Items Divi

Top Categories within Elinon


There are different religions that you can choose for your character, and it is recommended that you do so. Read up on the following gods, and make a choice based on your character’s storyline and alignment. When you have decided what god your character will follow, or if you’d like to remain ‘Faithless’, visit the Pantheon in Genet, just north of Spruce-Cedar Intersection. Here you’ll be able to warp to the temple of your chosen god and choose to follow them. Choosing a god will give your character a skill that only that god offers, as well as the ability to learn a few for lower piety points rather than the proficiency cost in the Guild Store. Choosing to remain Faithless will give your character the resurrection skill. Read “The Faithless” section of Religions for more information. Choosing a religion will also allow you to become more involved in realm-wide religion based RP.

Gods of Elinon

Arioph – God of Physicality
Mesophiziel – God of Spirits
Dioh – God of Air
Alaast – God of Earth
Andaur – God of Fire
Deliel – Goddess of Water
Haamiah – God of Light
Tezrian – Dark Goddess
The Faithless

Clans of Elinon

A clan is a group which, by often political means, tries to enact changes in the way things work. Clans can be long-term or short-term; if the changes the clan was created to bring about are accepted, the clan may no longer be needed and may be disbanded. For example, a clan may be formed to campaign that funds be spent on reinforcing a city's walls. If the walls are reinforced, the clan may no longer be needed. On the other hand, a clan may be formed to promote trade with nearby cities. For an extended period of time, the clan may campaign for certain government officials, propose new ordinances, and even send emissaries to the towns in question.

Guilds of Elinon

A guild is a group of individuals with similar careers who band together for the betterment of all of the members. For example, a warrior's guild could consist of fighters who train with each other to improve their skills. A mage guild could be an organization that trades information about magickal discoveries and techniques. The members' classes do not need to be identical; it would be quite normal for priests, paladins, and monks to all be members of the same guild.

Permanent In-Game Guilds
These guilds aren’t player owned, they are permanent fixtures within Elinon. Joining one of these guilds, and RPing accordingly, will allow you to choose a class and weapon or item.

Fighters Guild
Healers Guild
Labourer's Guild
The League of the Artisans
Mages Guild
Merchants Guild
Performers Guild
Rangers Guild
Rogues Guild
Scholars Guild

Militias of Elinon

A militia is a militant group. The primary purpose of the average militia is to obtain something through fighting. An example of a neutral militia could be a group of villagers who band together to protect their town. A good-aligned militia could be a league of heroes who slay monsters and bring criminals to justice. An evil-aligned militia could be a band of brigands that rob travelers and raid villages.

Permanent In-Game Militias
These militias are the armies of each deity.

Argent AcolytesHaamiah’s Army
Carnal CavalryArioph’s Army
Cerulean ConscriptsDeliel’s Army
Emerald RegimentAlaast’s Army
Ichor LegionsTezrian’s Army
Necros EidolonMesophiziel’s Army
The InfernalAndaur’s Army
The TempestDioh’s Army

Map of Elinon


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