Elspeth's Description:

Elspeth is a plain woman of tall stature and grand presence. Exuding an almost other-worldly essence, she carries herself with confidence and ease, along with an almost innate humor and defiance that mark the woman as not merely a life, but an entity.

Multi-faceted, sanguine strands, like freshly-hewn cherry wood, fall in great, billowing curls to her shoulders, coiling to rest there as if each tressed tendril was a succulent fern frond, unfurling to greet the new day. Crystalline spheres; heathered in nature, yet flecked with prismatic shards of silvery mirth, dart here and there as they eagerly take in all that abounds. Alabaster skin glimmers with an immaculate, opalescent sheen as each movement issues forth, drawing the luminous flesh taut over a sinewy, lithe frame that, more often than not, appears to be gaunt rather than chiseled.

Not one much for etiquette, the lady can usually be found in trousers of some design, and will not hesitate to answer most questions that are posed to her, no matter how inappropriate they may seem. Raised as a simple, sensible woman, she abhors the frivolity that earmarks gentry, usually going out of her way to seem completely contrary to common and accepted behavior.

Ever the genial imp, she will always greet those that acknowledge her with an enigmatic, ivory smile that is framed by supple, rosy lips which are given to curling back wryly as she attempts to contain an opinionated and willful tongue from expressing unsolicited advice.

Priding herself on her wits and rationalities, she routinely finds herself disappointed and dismayed at the choices of other humans, even going to far as to avoid others of her kind. Analytical to a fault, she often chooses to sit back, appraising people as if a jewler with a rough-cut gem, awaiting that particular twist in the light where the flaws and cracks inherent in the subject shine through.

Through an unforeseen set of circumstances, the sinewous magess has been bestowed with three, congruent titles: Guardian of Water, Champion of Hope, and The Keeper of Love.

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