Militias of Elinon

Militias of Elinon

A militia is a militant group. The primary purpose of the average militia is to obtain something through fighting. An example of a neutral militia could be a group of villagers who band together to protect their town. A good-aligned militia could be a league of heroes who slay monsters and bring criminals to justice. An evil-aligned militia could be a band of brigands that rob travelers and raid villages.

Permanent In-Game Militias
These militias are the armies of each deity.

Argent AcolytesHaamiah’s Army
Carnal CavalryArioph’s Army
Cerulean ConscriptsDeliel’s Army
Emerald RegimentAlaast’s Army
Ichor LegionsTezrian’s Army
Necros EidolonMesophiziel’s Army
The InfernalAndaur’s Army
The TempestDioh’s Army

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