Pantheon of Elinon

The Pantheon

Once the threshold to this impressive building is traversed, visitors are overwhelmed by the gildings of gold. Each angled panel of this octagonal foyer depicts the mightiest feat of each of the deities, their likenesses shown in moments of triumph. Expertly etched in gold are the murals, not much more to be noted save for a single sterling podium standing center. Where parchment would lie instead rests an engraved plaque of gold, listing instructions to activate a rift, allowing passage to visit the temples of each deity. Those searching to ally their faith with any of the gods are welcome to utilize the rift, but once allegiance is made, free passage is no longer possible.

List of Gods and Goddesses
Arioph – God of Physicality
Mesophiziel – God of Spirits
Dioh – God of Air
Alaast – God of Earth
Andaur – God of Fire
Deliel – Goddess of Water
Haamiah – God of Light
Tezrian – Dark Goddess

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