Religion in Elinon

There are different religions that you can choose for your character, and it is recommended that you do so. Read up on the following gods, and make a choice based on your character’s storyline and alignment. When you have decided what god your character will follow, or if you’d like to remain ‘Faithless’, visit the Pantheon in Genet, just north of Spruce-Cedar Intersection. Here you’ll be able to warp to the temple of your chosen god and choose to follow them. Choosing a god will give your character a skill that only that god offers, as well as the ability to learn a few for lower piety points rather than the proficiency cost in the Guild Store. Choosing to remain Faithless will give your character the resurrection skill. Read “The Faithless” section of Religions for more information. Choosing a religion will also allow you to become more involved in realm-wide religion based RP.

To fully understand the aspect of religion in Elinon, you must understand about the flow of mana.

Gods of Elinon

Arioph – God of Physicality
Mesophiziel – God of Spirits
Dioh – God of Air
Alaast – God of Earth
Andaur – God of Fire
Deliel – Goddess of Water
Haamiah – God of Light
Tezrian – Dark Goddess
The Faithless

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