Elinon RP Guidelines

Elinon RP Guidelines

Elinon strives for realism. The points outlined below will be strictly enforced in-game, so if you don’t think you can adhere to these guidelines, save us all the time and don’t play.

To be clear, these new guidelines are not intended to restrict or control your roleplay experience. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. All we ask for is a bit of realism, and we intend to enforce this. If the race of your character wouldn’t allow him/her to fly, then please don’t RP flying, simple things like that. No god-modding is all we ask. Your character isn’t all powerful, and there certainly is a way that he/she could be killed. If there isn’t a way for him/her to die, you’re a godmodder, simple as that. We want to create a world that allows characters to flourish, and not have to worry about being attacked and assaulted by overly powerful characters day and night. Sure, you can build your character up to such a status, but we want to move away from every character that enters Elinon starting out that way. Half the fun of RP is the journey, and the build-up of your character. It gives your character more depth, and a realistic feel. The rewards from such RP are great, and should be embraced.

OOC/IC Mixing
Certainly you should know what IC and OOC stand for. IC is In Character, OOC is Out Of Character. If you learn something Out Of Character, then your character does not and should not know this. For example: Laanshor’s player tells Calixte’s player over AIM that in an RP, Teague kicked Leyna. Calixte then should not yell at Teague in character for kicking Leyna. How would Calixte know? SHE WOULDN’T. However, if Laanshor came up to Calixte in game, and in character, and told her that Teague kicked Leyna, THEN Calixte would know. Don’t take your OOC knowledge to IC. It’s annoying and makes no sense. Furthermore, say Calixte’s player doesn’t like Teague’s player, OOCly, for whatever reason. Calixte should not then automatically hate Teague in character. That too makes no sense. Also, if a character insults yours ICly, keep it to IC. For example, if your character is an elf, and is insulted by a drow character, you really should expect that, and accept it as an IC insult. Drow just naturally hate elves. Don’t immediately assume that the drow’s player is a jerk and is insulting you personally. Just keep your OOC and IC bits separate people. OOC/IC blurrage will not be tolerated in Elinon.

When you start a new character, your character is NOT uber. Your character can NOT kill anyone and anything in his/her path. Your character is NOT a god. Unless you RP learning it, your character does NOT know it. The only exception to this rule is characters that are pre-approved by admin. Some situations may arise that will require a powerful mage or warrior, what-have-you. If you feel you have a decent history for a new character, run it by the admin team. You just might be able to get it approved.

Weapons and Items
Your character will not have a weapon straight away. You’ll notice in the ‘appearance’ section of your character, it says ‘has no weapon’. You MUST RP purchasing or having a weapon forged before you can RP wielding it. Submit the RP to an admin to have the weapon added to your character. If you have a certain RP scenario thought up for your new character that includes a certain weapon, contact an admin. You may be able to get your weapon that way as well. The reason for this guideline is to avoid characters running about with handguns and grenades, or Uber-stick-of-string-cheese-smitage. The new in-game guilds offer generic weapons too as reward for joining, so join a guild. That’s a quick way to get your first weapon. Click here to link to the guilds page, listed there are the different guilds, and within each is contained the list of classes and weapons attainable within the guilds.

If your character is injured, you MUST RP being healed, or at the very least, RP your character as having said injury. It is unrealistic and flat out sickening to see a character take a spear through the abdomen and then walk away as if it’s nothing more than a scratch. Most would die from such an injury. Furthermore, if your character is engaged in a fight, and takes damage to a shoulder, then obviously wielding a weapon with that arm would be difficult. Or an injury to a leg would surely hamper walking, running, even balance. Take all of these points into consideration for your RP. Nobody likes to RP with a godmodder or powerplayer. BE REALISTIC.

God-modding/Taking Damage
No character can escape every attack, regardless of how powerful his/her player believes him/her to be. For instance, one elf would not be able to fend off six dwarves and escape without a scratch. Take some damage. It makes for more fun RP, and fewer fights and less frustration will result, as people won’t feel their efforts are always going unrealized, and their RP unappreciated or ignored.

Uber Characters
I don't care how great you think your character is, he/she will still need time to rest. Your character should not spend every waking moment slinging a blade and burning down houses, then turn around and beat someone up in the tavern, all before lunch time. REALISM is the key here, see the pattern? If your character is a badass, fine. Go have a little swordfight with someone, or whatever, then go have a rest. That's what would really happen, isn't it?

Pick a class and stick with it. If your character is a mage, use the magic to the scope of his/her learned abilities. Do not then also make that character able to wield any and every weapon, therefore making him/her nearly invincible. If you want a warrior, make a warrior. Elinon allows for multiple characters, so there is no reason for one character to be an Uber-mage-warrior-assassin-healer-rogue-of-doom. This doesn’t mean you can’t RP your mage character learning to wield a blade, however, a mage’s primary attack would be magic, and he likely wouldn’t be as adept with a sword as he would be with magical attacks.

** Houses and Realism **
RP realistically. I cannot stress this enough. If your house is destroyed by someone, or some unknown force, RP rebuilding it, or RP moving to a new house. Do not just go in and fix up your description in five minutes. Doing so will result in the loss of your house altogether.

Before you choose a race for your character, you must have a good understanding of that race. White-skinned Drow that flit about like they haven’t a care in the world just don’t exist. Big dragons don’t sit in taverns. Vampires do not run around in the sunlight sniffing flowers and munching on crumpets. Stupid characters with unrealistic plotlines will not be allowed.

Auto-hits and Controlling Moves
Minor auto-hits are going to be allowed, to an extent. This just adds to the realism factor. It is much more realistic to say “Calixte punches Teague in the face.” than to say “Calixte swings a fist toward Teague, hoping to punch him.” You cannot, however, dictate the damage taken. “Calixte punches Teague.” is okay, “Calixte punches Teague and breaks his nose.” is not okay. Controlling moves are always allowed as well. “Calixte grabs Teague by the hem of his tunic, pulling him closer.” is definitely okay. Kidnappings and assassinations need to be addressed as well. A kidnapper won’t stop to ask his captive if it’s okay for him to grab him/her, and an assassin won’t phone ahead to get permission to attempt on someone’s life. Adversely, the kidnappers and assassins need to consider realism as well. A small elf kidnapper likely won’t be able to nab an orc by him/herself, just as an assassin can’t expect results if he/she tries to kill a drow with poison. (Drow are notorious for their resistance to poisons.) Just RP realistically, if you haven’t gotten that point already.

Undefended Attacks
An undefended attack can be considered a hit. If your character attacks another, and ample time is given for a defense post, but no defense is made, you can RP that your attack was successful. There are a few situations, however, that need to be considered. If the character you just attacked idles out, then it never happened. A player cannot defend a post they didn’t see. You may want to ask the player if they saw your attack post, and give them enough time to defend if it was just a case of a missed post. If that player continues to RP and blatantly ignores your attack, then the attack is definitely a hit. Some will argue that the godmodders and powerplayers will take advantage of this rule, however, these new guidelines are in place to do away with these players, or at least that attitude towards RP. If you feel you are being bullied into taking damage that you feel is just unrealistic, please contact an admin.

Your Character and Realism
Your character is a living mortal, and it would really be nice to see them played as such. I don’t know anyone in the real world who wakes each morning and falls each night in a tavern, with all his/her time spent there in between as well. Mortals need to eat. And no, they don’t live in taverns. Find your character a house, or rent a room, something. There are more than enough Inns and houses in Elinon. RP some real life for your character, other than being a loser barfly. Go for a walk! Go shopping! Meet new people! Go exploring! Read the room descriptions while you wander. A lot of the rooms have little things built in that would offer a chance for RP. You’ll be amazed at the rewards from such RP. You’ll give your character greater depth, and will no doubt get more enjoyment from the game.

Dueling is done to death, and shouldn’t be the answer to every scenario. Try open RP battles, not structured duels. Fame is given out for RPing, so dueling is not the only way, nor is it the best way, to get it.

Sexual Relations
Elinon is not a mating grounds. Please do something other than RP having sex, or making out, or whatever. Sure, some characters will be Casanovas, but seriously, mortals do other things.

Gods and Death Blows
Elinon does have Gods. These characters are known as Divi, and if you see one, you should RP accordingly. A Divus has the strength to end the life of your character, and should be regarded as such. The gods, in addition to spurring RP, are Elinon’s executioners for the godmodders. If you are dubbed a godmodder, a God will find your character, and will kill your character. If you don’t want your character to suffer a forced death, don’t be a godmodder. RP with some realism and you shouldn’t have a problem.

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