Rules of Gameplay for Elinon Online

General Rules

1. Players are responsible for all things said or done while logged into Elinon. Thus, if friends or family say or do anything on your character that is inappropriate and against the rules of the game, the player is subject to any appropriate punishment. So, take care with your passwords.

2. Ignorance of the rules of the game is never an excuse for breaking them.

3. Foul language will not be tolerated on any channels of Elinon. While there is a profanity filter in place, it should not be seen as an excuse to use foul language. Repeated offences may result in muting or being sent to the punishment room for an appropriate amount of time.

Punishment: Most offenses can be handled with a warning, but repeat offenders may require a brief muting to make the point clear.

4. Harassment- Persistently annoying, verbally attacking, or threatening to harm another player-even after a request to stop has been made-will be seen has harassment. A safe rule of thumb for defining harassment is that if a player feels harassed then they probably are being harassed. The law board will monitor the situation, and after receiving the accounts of both players, will take into account the sensitivity of the complaining player and make a decision based on the views of an average person. Harassing of another player may result in being permanently banned from the game.

Punishment: Due to the delicacy of the matter, the penalty for harassing another will vary from situation to situation. All offenses should occur within the game and proof should be provided. It may be wise to consult another admin and receive their input on the matter before deciding on how to deal with the matter. Punishment may range from a simple warning, to having players avoid any and all contact with each other, to sending the harassing person to a punishment room, to banning.

5. Having multiple characters is permitted but we advise that you only create as many characters as you can play on a regular basis. Characters that become inactive for approximately two weeks will be deleted and logging characters on in order to keep them active is not suggested. If, for some reason, you will be gone for an extended period of time, mail Sercc with all your character names, when you will be leaving, and when you will return.

6. Out of character verbal abuse will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to; defamation of the admin staff or players, racially or ethnically offensive language or behavior, and abusive language or behavior. Topics of religion and government on the out of character public and private channels should be avoided as well, as some players may be offended by such conversations.

Punishment: First offenses should always be dealt with a warning. Should a second time occur, muting the offender for a minimum period of twenty minutes can and should be considered, depending on the severity of the offence. Anything beyond such can be dealt with by muting for a longer period of time. In all cases, the admin dealing with the player should consider what was said and where when determining the punishment.

7. When asking an admin to approve an organization, an RP, an alt, or what have you, the decision of the admin you first asked is final. Players should not then go to another admin with the same request if it was already denied. If the player feels their idea was dismissed without sufficient consideration, a hearing of sorts can be held in attempt to appeal the original admin’s decision.

Punishment: First offense will result in a verbal warning. Second will result in the player being sent to the punishment room for a time span of two days. Should a player still play the admin against each other, another two days will be added, making it four for the third offence and six for the fourth. Anything after the fourth offence warrants banning.

8. Role-playing sexual relations will not be tolerated. Many players and administrators are minors, and such material should not be displayed within the game. Vulgarity and direct references to sexual actions and/or bodily functions is not acceptable. Repeat offences may result in a prolonged stay in a punishment room.

Punishment: First offences, unless extremely graphic, can usually be handled with a warning. If the nature of the material is overly vulgar, a punishment room sentence may be issued, even on a first offence. Any infractions subsequent to a warning should be an automatic p-rooming for a period of one week.

9. People by nature are flawed, no one person is ever or will ever be perfect. The administrative team of Elinon is not exempt from that fact. If any player feels an admin has abused their power by dealing out unfair and overly harsh punishments or has abused their power in a harmful or destructive way, the players of the game, preferably the victim of the power abuse, can and should contact a higher level admin and report such abuse. Once reported, the complaint will be reviewed and the appropriate measures will be taken. The admin are here to ensure the environment of Elinon is safe and fun, not to instill fear among the players.

10. If a character has been muted or sent to the punishment room for whatever reason, creating a new character to play Elinon is not permitted. Violations of this rule may result in the character being deleted and repeated offences may result in temporary to permanent banning.

11. When asking a level P admin to approve the creation of a guild, clan, or militia, do not create alts and send their names in order to fulfill the minimum requirement. Doing so will result in said guild not being approved.

12. Revealing the characters people play is not allowed without the express permission of the player. Some people do not wish to have the characters they play known for any number of reasons and such should be respected at all times. Alt telling may result in being sent to the punishment room for a period of time that varies with the extremity of the situation.

Punishment: As stated above, the time spent in the punishment room varies. If it was only a single alt sent to someone in a tell, then they can spend a week in the punishment room. If multiple alts are revealed, two to three weeks can be given out. Should a player tell the characters of another over a public channel, then a month on in the punishment room if warranted. Such shall keep increasing until the time spent in the punishment room is so extreme that it is only fitting to ban them.

13. Multiplaying is not allowed. Multiplaying is one player logged on with more than one character at a time. If you need another character for an RP or something, don't just play it yourself, find someone to play it.

14. Elinon strives to achieve and maintain an element of realism. Therefore, obviously not all characters are going to be all-powerful and invulnerable. This should be kept in mind while RPing. Playing your character as if thunderbolts can be summoned from the heavens, or any and every attack can be dodged or avoided, is simply unrealistic. Keep in mind that even the strongest mage had to have gone through several lifetimes worth of training, so a character that was just created yesterday obviously should not have all these uber powers. If your character is going to approach others with taunts, or threats, be ready to back those threats up. If your character is challenged to a duel, and refuses, the challenger can petition the admin team in attempts to force said duel. Upon the discretion of the admin staff, a forced full-stakes duel may be granted to the challenger. Failing to comply by the decision of the admin staff will most likely warrant a stay in a p-room.

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