Starstone Items

The Starstone was a meteorite that had fallen in the land of the pixies many millenia before the Mortal War. The stone had radiated great magical energy, and it was taken to the valley of Ille, where its power was used to protect the pixies for many centuries. Eventually, however, a powerful dragon named Qillanthe attacked the valley in an attempt to steal the Starstone. She was slain before she escaped with the item, but in the battle, it was broken into eight pieces.

The Starstone items were then forged by the combined efforts of dwarven smiths and pixie enchanters. Eight items were created, one with each shard, each with different powers.

The Ring of Persuasion

The ring of persuasion was created entirely out of the smallest shard of the starstone. The ring gives the wearer the ability to convince people of the most ridiculous things, but often results in causing the the wearer pain if someone should find out they've been magically manipulated.

The Shield of Health

The shield of health infuses its bearer with a steady stream of weak healing magic. It doesn't instantly cure wounds, but injuries heal many times faster when one is bearing the shield.

The Sword of Strength

The sword of strength multiplies the power of its wielder's muscles many fold. Someone wielding the sword will find oneself able to accomplish feats of strength that would normally take over a dozen members of the wielder's race to do.

The Staff of Magic

The staff of magic amplifies all magical energy channeled through it. A mage wielding the staff will find that they can cast powerful spells at a fraction of the energy cost it would normally take, and that by using the normal amount of energy, they can unleash powerful magics.

The Bracer of Dexterity

The bracer of dexterity increases the speed, grip, and flexibility of the wearer's hands. This enables swordsmen to strike with fast, deadly precision and enables archers to unleash a volley of arrows in the time it would usually take to fire only a few.

The Helmet of Awareness

The helmet of awareness is said by many to be the most powerful piece in the Starstone set. It not only heightens the wearer's senses, it also seems to slow down time by a small amount, enabling them to see and react to events with unnatural speed.

The Cloak of Stealth

The cloak of stealth doesn't make its wearer invisible, but it does seem to make many people overlook them. One can often walk right past a troop of guards without so much as a glance, allowing the wearer to get into guarded areas with considerable ease.

The Anklet of Agility

The anklet of agility has the same effect for the feet that the bracer of dexterity has for the hands. One wearing the anklet can often dodge even the most unexpected of assaults, and can literally run circles around an opponent.

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