Eversorn's Description:

Eyes (human form): stone grey eyes that stare back calmly, showing no emotion most of the time.

Eyes (loup garoux form): bright yellow like that of a wolves, showing the same feroisity.

Hair (either form): dark brown with hints of red, a sign of his vixen mother. Even leanth all the way around, the bangs reaching his eyes. In loup garoux form the fur covers his intire body.

Stature, apperance, and body(human form): To a human he would appear to be around seventeen, allthough they would be diseaved, as his race ages slowly, and he is over thirty, not yet thirty one. Standing erectly he just barly reaches six foot one. Normally the man is clad in armor and hardly any of his body is visable, save for his tail, which protrudes through his armor. On the rare occations the man is not war suited it is likly he has just been on a date or some other special occation has come about. appon observing his armor one would find dracanic ruins, all of them identical, the ancent symbol for fire. Part of his war suit, of cousre, includes his swords, one hanging on each hip. The one one his left hip is composed intirly of ice (a gift from his adoptive mother, who was a mage in ice specialty.) and the other on his right hip appers to be normal, 'till he draws it. Then one would observe that the blade grows red with heat as if it had just been removed from a fire. Also hanging from his waist are several satchels filled with differnt colored powders. They are considered a 'gift' from Akane, allthough he 'paid' for them. Removing Eversorn's armor would reveil numberous Scars, spread over his entire body.

Appearance (loup garoux form): Nearing seven foot he looks like most lycans, half wolf and half man. His fur matches the hair of his human form, dark brown with hints of red. some areas of his fur have been turning redder as of late, the red patches forming the same runes as seen on his armor.

Temperment (human form): He tends to try to be layed back, looking on the brighter side of things. Insults and the like mean nothing to him, unless the one saying them is close to his heart.

Temperment (loup garoux form): Most of the time he behaves the same as his human for as he only allows his body to change, and not his mind, but if provoked enough he will loose control, becoming a beast of pure rage, his power and streanth multiplying many times his human limits.

Companion: His dragon steed only leaves his side when he is being ridden. Azule scales with red eyes. Like all wyverns he has two legs and two wings, and the ability to breath fire and a barbed tail, the sides of which are like the blades of swords. Of late the wyvern has been acting odd, and his apearence seems to be changing, his horns and spikes becoming more pronounced.

Eversorn's Biography:
Eversorn ThornBlood was born to a vixen woman in a city to the south of hollow, called ral'ghi, a city of entirely lycanthropic residents, save for the reminance of vampires his father had worked to free from slavery. He was the only in his litter. Eversorns play mate tounghted him for something that he could not excape: his father was a banished heritic. The thorn blood name was once either feared, respected, or both by all who knew of ral'ghi. Eversorn met his father, Eversor, only a few times. As the years progressed Eversorn dreamed of being like his father, which lead him to come to hollow, in searchof his father. He has sence learned that his father comitted suicide.

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