Feydor - created from a mugshot program, which doesn't do happy or smiling faces. Color by TMO.


Lycan (aka lycanthrope/werewolf) by birth.


Spell Blade - he is able to channel magical effects into or through his weapons, such as fire along his swordblade. Feydor can also cast spells, but they generally are not as powerful as a mage's.


Appears to be in his mid-20's, and there is no known reason why he shouldn't be. Update: With the new Lycan descriptions available, Feydor's age should be much higher, as Lycan's have a long lifespan.


note: I know the portrait is creepy/scary looking. He's more charismatic looking when he's smiling, but the mugshot program I used to create the face doesn't DO happy, smiling faces.

  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: roughly 150lbs
  • Hair: Black, cut very short
  • Skin: Dark, heavily sun-weathered
  • Eyes: Very dark irises, but the 'whites' of his eyes are actually reddish
  • Body: Fairly thin, but with wiry muscles, not bulky, but obviously present.
  • Distinguishing characteristics:
    • Speech: The most obvious one is his accent and speech patterns. His native language does not use many personal pronouns, instead substituting names, race or other descriptors, or defaulting to generic terms such as 'One'. This is almost the same as talking about himself in the third person, but it is applied to everybody, not just himself. e.g. - "Feydor is pleased to meet One. Feydor hopes to be able to speak with One again some time."
    • Eyes: His red eyes. They get darker red the closer he gets to changing into his lycanthrope form and are a useful gauge to his current temper.
    • Face: He has several magical runes tattooed on his face. (not shown in portrait) These tattoos protect his mind from all (non-deific) external influences. No mind or emotion or direct illusion magics will work on him. However, illusions that actually create an image/sound/smell will still work, as they go through the senses first, and those are not protected.
  • Other Forms
    • Lycanthrope (Man-wolf form): When he's changed into his Lycanthrope form he's the same size and shape as his human form, but entirely covered in short black wolf-like hair/fur. And the 'whites' of his eyes are blood red.
    • Wolf: Not yet seen in Hollow.


Generally very friendly, and often making jokes, his sense of humor can sometimes be rather biting, especially with those he thinks take themselves too seriously for no good reason (those who demand everyone give them respect while being rude or arrogant are prime targets). He can also be very intense and fierce on his own or someone else's behalf, especially against those looking to control or abuse them. He is a big adherent to the concept of free will, but also of the need to pay the consequences of one's actions.


Most of his history has not yet been released in-game. So far all that is known is that he is Lycan by birth, and is a member of a tribe of Lycans somewhere far away from Hollow.


Most commonly seen in troll-skin armor. If not in armor, he prefers lightweight casual clothing.

Roleplaying Items of Power

  • Stone of Power: Given to him by his clanmate Delta, when used this stone contains Power from several elements. It also aloows you to call on energy from other Stone Holders. Myrall has the Original Stone, so all energy lost if a holder dies goes to her stone, and that stone distributes the other energy among the other Stones. It works as long as you keep laughter in your heart.
  • Flute of Winds: Given to him by Moonshadow, this instrument allows the player to generate winds on command, from soft, gentle breezes to stong gusts.
  • Drum of Mother Gaia's Heartbeat: Given to him by Moonshadow, the player can cause earthshakes, from minor to major.
  • Mallet of the Crystal Xylophone: Given to him by Moonshadow, this can be used to play the Crystal Xylophone, which is located just south of the Underdark Arena.

Friends & Acquaintances

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Meet the Player

Online I go by the name of Master TMO, or TMO for short. I've been involved in a wide variety of different games and gaming, although Hollow is my first foray into Online RPGs.

Some other games you might have run into me at and/or in (links to be added later):

  • Duelmaster's (now Duel II) - a Play-By-Mail game of Gladiator Dueling
  • Highlander CCG:MLE Edition - When the official Highlander CCG game folded, a group of fans/players started making their own cards. I joined a couple years later and became one of the lead developers, designers and artists.
  • Thinktanks - An Online Shooter game. Drive your tank across the map and shoot the other players.
  • Die-Con / Archon - Game conventions held annually in St Louis. I have been a regular attendee for a few years now.

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