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Hedwig Manus
(account deleted) 28 Jan 2011 15:36
in discussion Open Discussion / Karchan » Land of Karchan

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Hedwig Manus by (account deleted), 28 Jan 2011 15:36

Do I remember Vyrick? It's no secret that the Vyrick arc both brought me into the game and made Lionel a name to be reckoned with. It seems that whole story really brought things together for what would affectionately be christened the 'second advent' of the game, for a lot of us.

You're going to find that that sort of an immediate dropoff happens shamefully often within the game. It's something that is, at times, rather unavoidable in a world where everyone wants to make a name for themselves and so much conflicts and eventually, more often than not, tussles erupt and people have to take their leaves for a while or indefinitely either as a result of that, or because life got in the way.

In regard to this topic's title, I think there's some good thinking going on since my return, but the execution is teetering on the brink of complete collapse, though there's really not much that can be done about it. I mean, a full-scale Preklek invasion and yet no one seems to notice, or care for that matter? What we need are some major, plot-arc-unraveling events to take place during a steady mix-up of predisclosed and surprising times in various locations, depicting such a build-up and then depicting the here and now. Have the Preklek destroy somewhere and create a character to be offed for added dramatic effect. Something along those lines. Get people feeling like these bastards are more than just stat-based. Make them feel alive, or send 'em home.

The whole White Rose Bandit thing was neat but where did it go o.o If i remember correctly the bandit (gasp!) asked me ooc to help out in the rp then poof! Nothing else. I mean what on earth?

I've been around Hollow for going on… what… 3-4 years? If any of you remember Vyrick, I came on slightly before that…

I was chatting with a friend and I asked the simple question, "How long you been around hollow?" To my surprise the answer was around a year or so. I have been around for little over three years now, and so I wondered…How long has everyone else?

How long you been around? by LeslieLeslie, 26 Feb 2007 21:23

It brings up any discussions on this page and also in the forums.

Well, Karchan's never really been the land for 'land-wide' rp's as such, though sometimes a few to halfheartedly get of the ground here and there. It's allways been much more about the individual that anything on a larger scale.

Still, at the moment there's some interesting werewolf stuff going on, a new pack is forming around an (from what I understand) exiled, or refused member of the other. Thats creating some neat tensions, and has led the number of Lycan's to allmost rival the number of vampires…

Now exactly what did this do?

need to add map/ list of towns, etc~ Jekca

by JekcaJekca, 09 Feb 2007 21:31

Hmm… I use the new IE7 or Firefox…

I haven't had any problems…

I'll see what I can find out.

Re: Guideline for Posting by jrdelaneyjrdelaney, 26 Jan 2007 18:40

Here's one that just happened:

You (ooc Lucielle making Garret say this) said, "I love Luci more'n anything ever! <3<3<3<3"

Adurant walks up to Lucielle and kicks her in left boob, since she's a midget.

Linusial walks up to Garrett and sacks him, cause he's a jerk. Adurant too.

Alladryn Damalis thinks Garrett needs a swift kick.

The great stone golem gets all riled up now and starts to swing his arms about, pieces of stone (or eight if you're a pirate) flail about, assailing those present before he walks up to Lucielle and gives her a big ole hug, rocky style.

Enthial promptly unsheaths the legendary blade Xios Dieu and thwaps Molodon across the back of the head with the flat of the blade, the golem's arms loosening to release Luci.

Captain Lucielle hops into Garrett's lap and bites him on the chin. Hard.

Garrett Creshan laughs, as he is invisible, so the tiny vamp has no idea where the stealthy drow is. Muh-ha-ha.

Captain Lucielle is afraid she does, what with having a whole hoard of magical items to help her. And she's not a vamp! Oh oh, look who can be invisible too! Not so special now! HA.

Alladryn Damalis feels left out.

Garrett Creshan kicks the midget, hard, with a steel toed boot as he grabs the arm of Linusial, the volumptuous, half-elven barmaid, flinging her towards the human like a boulder rampaging down a hill.

Garrett Creshan stealthily snakes secretly somewhere (s)close. *ooc Went for all S's there.

Captain Lucielle dodges the feeble kick cause she's uber like that, Enthial catching Linusial no problem, the barmaid like a midget to him. Oh noes, out of Luci's coat comes this neato magic thing, see, an she activates it to fill the place with blinding light. DIE DROW! Muahahahaha!

Garrett Creshan breaks out some bad-arse sunglasses, like Johnny Cage and suddenly splits his legs, sending a massive uppercut screaming towards the midget, which should hit her in the me-outh…

Garrett Creshan breaks wind near Alladryn, methane fumes quickly filling the short distance between them.

Captain Lucielle pshaws at the wussy sunglasses, gets smaked in the jaw and promptly retaliates. Without further ado a bottle is broken on the edge of a table, it's jagged end sent thrusting towards Garrett's groin, since she couldn't reach much higher feasably. Either way, this would hurt more.

Garrett Creshan screeches in bloody horror as the warm flow of liquid oozes from beneath the veiled cloaken drow. However, 'tis not crimson, instead the tequila runs mercilessly upon the floor, adding to the nightmare of this tequila-lovin', sunglass wearin', flash-dancin' drow.

Captain Lucielle cackles maniacally, little hands placed on little hips as she guffaws. Oh yes, tequila may be booze and she may be an alcoholic, but she was pirate by the gods! And she liked rum better.

Alladryn Damalis dies.

Garrett Creshan just cries, inching his frame over to the nearest table and plops down, a resouding thud given off and a little splash, a tidbit of the wet clothing beneath his bum. "Tequila… I hardly knew thee…"

Re: Funniest RP... by jrdelaneyjrdelaney, 26 Jan 2007 18:38

I remember having a Yoda-style lightsaber duel in the tavern and it was totally awesome.

I don't remember who it was with, but it was me (Joviah) and 2 other guys.

Funniest RP... by jrdelaneyjrdelaney, 26 Jan 2007 18:36

IE 6.0.2800.1106CO

Maybe just something slightly incompatible between the wiki code and my browser.


Re: Guideline for Posting by FeydorFeydor, 26 Jan 2007 18:34

I remember having Vuryal wear a kilt and bang a drum in the tavern. Tohru was there and it was priceless.

Or the time I beat Rygar with a spoon in a judged duel.

Good times…

Funniest RP... by jrdelaneyjrdelaney, 26 Jan 2007 18:34

Only the actual entry section. I can see all the headers and menus and footers just fine. And it's erratic - perhaps computer based. I can read the Useful Terms page just fine from this computer. I'll check again tomorrow from the same one I was on on the 24th.

Re: Guideline for Posting by FeydorFeydor, 26 Jan 2007 00:33

It's all white to you?

Hmm… Dunno on that one.

What browser are you using (including version)?

This sounds like maybe a bug in this wiki. I need more info though in order to report it to the designer.

Re: Guideline for Posting by jrdelaneyjrdelaney, 25 Jan 2007 23:02

Any idea why certain pages show up in white text for me? Refreshing doesn't seem to fix it, but I can't find anything in the page code either. It's almost as if the style sheets aren't getting 100% loaded, and are forgetting to set the text color on those pages. The only ways I can read the page are to select everything in the main section (which is difficult to do when you can't see the text - Select All doesn't work) or Edit the Page and read the raw code.

One page that just recently gave me a problem: Also, Aramus' page.


Re: Guideline for Posting by FeydorFeydor, 24 Jan 2007 21:27

I don't know. It does give more people time to get at least somewhat wrapped up in it, for those who aren't on all the time or spend all evening in the Tavern waiting for something to happen. ;)

But this is also the first RP I've been involved in here, so I've got nothing else to compare it to.

I agree on the whole ‘taking too long’ for the Ascendi plot. My character is involved with Coreliant as a priestess but nothing is happening except the occasional squabble. I love the concept of the plot and all but wish things could be sped up a bit. On a side note: What is up with Trinity?

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