God Modding

A.K.A. Godmode

A.K.A. God-modding

When one player RPs the action and the reaction to a certain event. A a term used in message board or similar turn based role-playing games to describe two poor behaviours of players. Godmoding is almost always frowned upon by other members of the game, because it is regarded as a form of cheating against the game's tacit rules.

Passive Godmoding

Godmoding can occur when a character describes an event or a series of events he or she has taken against another character or interactive object, most often with the purpose of rescinding negative effects previously encountered or granting some other effect inconsistent with an innocent view of the narrative. Godmoding is thus often used like a "Get Out of Jail Free card" when things don't go the way a player wants, rather than working with previously unfolded events. It is also used to describe the act of creating or playing with an invincible character or unbreakable armor, limitless power, etc.

Active Godmoding

Godmoding can also refer to the case where a player definitively describes the outcome of their own actions against another character or interactive object. For example, if player A states, "A strikes B and B takes damage", they could be considered to be godmoding. Another example of this might be where a character is facing multiple enemies, and they redirect one foe's attack onto another. For example, Player A states, "B misses A completely, and strikes C instead."

Similarly, controlling characters that belong to someone else is also a form of godmoding.

* Player A: Character A punches Character B.
* Player B: Character B dodges the attack, grabs Character A and throws him. Character A flies at Character B, who warps behind him and slashes Character A in the back.

Example: "Bob punched Joe in the face and knocked out three of Joe's teeth"…

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