A guild is essentially a group of individuals with similiar careers or professions that come together. This can be for training purposes, diplomatic reasons, trade, and other myriad of reasons. Each game usually has their own rules concern guilds.

Guilds of Hollow

Hollow Trading Company

Guilds of Elinon

A guild is a group of individuals with similar careers who band together for the betterment of all of the members. For example, a warrior's guild could consist of fighters who train with each other to improve their skills. A mage guild could be an organization that trades information about magickal discoveries and techniques. The members' classes do not need to be identical; it would be quite normal for priests, paladins, and monks to all be members of the same guild.

Permanent In-Game Guilds

These guilds aren’t player owned, they are permanent fixtures within Elinon. Joining one of these guilds, and RPing accordingly, will allow you to choose a class and weapon or item.

Fighters Guild
Healers Guild
Labourer's Guild
The League of the Artisans
Mages Guild
Merchants Guild
Performers Guild
Rangers Guild
Rogues Guild
Scholars Guild

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