Haamiah: God of Light

Haamiah seems to walk alone amongst the greater divi, the god of light being genuinely concerned for the well-being of the mortals. Necessity of survival dictates that the kind divus acquire mana from his followers, but he does so with a heavy heart. Guilt stricken by this essential task, he justifies this, in his mind, by devoting himself to the eradication of Tezrian, the dark goddess of blood and war. He sees her offerings as devious and repulsive, believing that the mortals deserve a life of integrity and virtue rather than engage in acts of self-indulgence. Haamiah promises a fruitful, rewarding existence to his followers, filled with high hopes and the satisfaction of righteousness.

De’land hosts the temple to the god of light, its pleasant backdrop and hospitable citizens a reflection of the humane standards of this religion. Worshippers of Haamiah believe in all that is good, kind, and beautiful in life, often choosing the high road to overcome adversity. Fighters only when necessary, the followers of light don’t often actuate altercations, but rarely will they step down when challenged in the name of altruism.

The kinder races of mortals often follow Haamiah, those with a propensity for good. Elves, Halflings, and moral humans are often among them. By no means is this a weak religion, as followers of good have little other choices within the pantheon.

The God of Light wants nothing more than to appear approachable by any, and for that very reason Haamiah chooses not to adorn himself with gem or jewel. Tall and thin, the God chooses clothing accessible to even the most average denizen of Elinon, usually simple white or pale blue robes and leather sandals. His face is the epitome of kindness, displaying a warm azure gaze, and thin smiling lips veiled by a well-kempt moustache and beard. Haamiah’s hands are rough, evidence that he works alongside the needy citizens, assisting in their everyday tasks. Wavy locks of light umber fall just past his almost broad shoulders, though often the God of Light keeps it tied back with a small leather strap. Riddled with guilt over his need to sap mana from his followers, the God speaks in only quiet, friendly tones, and will often gift his mana donors in some way.

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