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Characters of Hollow

Name Clan Alignment Active/Dead
Adain The Darklight Order Chaotic Good Active
Adonijah Knights of the Realm Lawful Good Dead
Akane Kandarian Shadow Neutral Active
Anshera The Delirium Society Chaotic Neutral Active
Aramus none Good Active
Aryanna none Neutral Active
Caedan none Chaotic Neutral Active
Cailyn Freedom's Call Chaotic Good Active
Calen none Neutral Active
Darnerian Freedom's Call Lawful Neutral Active
Dezerae Blood Angels Neutral Active
Diiroehn Unknown Unknown Unknown
Donovan Administrator/Freedom's Call/Hand of the Chosen Neutral Good Active - Governor of Rynvale
Elspeth none Neutral Active
Eversorn none Chaotic Neutral Active
Feydor The Temple Chaotic Good Active
Gabrial The Temple Good Active
Gwenilyn The Temple Good Active
Imar none Chaotic Neutral Active
Ingham Freedom's Call Lawful Good Active - Sheriff of Rynvale
Jacklin The Delirium Society Unknown Active
Jhessail Formerly Phantasmal Knights Lawful Neutral Active
Lalki Gisiae'en Adon Neutral Good Active
Leslie none Neutral Good Active
Linken Blood Angels Unknown Active
Lucielle none Psychotic Active
Marcellus none Neutral Good Active
Moonlight Emerald Guardians Chaotic Neutral Active
Morvious The Cult of Pleasure Lawful Evil Active
Nozomi Order of the White Rose Chaotic Good Dead
Pappy Administrator / Phantasmal Knights Unknown Active
Rage Gisiae en adon Neutral Good Active
Rheyl None Neutral Good Active
Ryeanna Administrator / The Cult of Pleasure unknown Active… but turned to stone
Ryou None Unknown Active
Sabon Phantasmal Knights Neutral Active
Sanura The Eldritch Cabal Unknown Active
Schalk None Good/Evil Active
Solaris The Forsaken Knights Dark God Dead
Suki The Delirium Society Chaotic Evil Active
Syrenia None Neutral Good Active
Torrigan Emerald Guardians Lawful Good Active
Velve Kiss of Death Unknown Active
Vincent None Unknown Active
Vgfh Administrator / Flaming Claw Neutral Active
Vuryal Multiple clans Chaotic Neutral Active - once again
Yinepu The Damned Chaotic Evil Dead
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