The Idiot's Guide to Hollow's Rules

Okay, the title's a play off of two prominent book series, but I figure it's the easiest way to illustrate what I'm trying to get across. It seems that some of the rules are not too clear, so I'm going to try and take some of the confusion out of them. Please note that this is not an all-encompassing list. There are more rules, but these are the more common ones.

Rule #1: Cyber and die. Pretty self-explanatory. It's not allowed in any way, shape, or form, and is likely to get you branded in the community as a cyberwhore. Once that happens, your RP credibility is basically shot and people point at you and laugh. Derisively.

Rule #2: Alting Dealing with multiple characters is a headache…and against the rules. Alting without approval advisory board (Vgfh and Ryeanna both) is a no-no, and will land you in hot water. Passing items between characters and having multiple characters on at the same time, even if allowed to have more than one, is a no-no as well. If you do any of the above, you might find yourself in the sewers of Larket wearing nothing but a diaper. Or worse, you could have to contend with Pappy's clowns. Creepy.

Rule #3: Watch what you say in any forum. The stalker-ish admin are watching. Profanity is bad. Verbally assaulting other players, indirectly or directly, is also bad. The same goes for deliberately causing a stir on the OOC channel or not keeping the discussion game related. Generally the admin will let you know when you've overstepped, but you're not assured a warning. Tread lightly or you might find yourself in mime-mode for a while.

Rule #4: Clutter causes problems. Don't post totally unrelated stuff in the game channels or on the boards. This includes website links, or anything not related to Hollow, especially where the OOC channel is concerned. The OOC channel is out-of-character, yes, but it's meant to facilitate discussion about the game that your character wouldn't participate in. I highly doubt Donovan would be talking about the legality of a controlling move, or what features would be cool for the admin to add, but his player might, and would use the OOC channel to discuss stuff like that. It's not a means to chat on whatever you feel like, as that's what AIM is for.

Rule #5: Donovan is a god and should be worshipped as such. Made you look.

Rule #6: Your character isn't you! This is the classic Out out Character and In Character rule. Your character doesn't automatically know/think/feel/react how you do, nor should it. In order for this to work, however, you need to detach yourself from the character and not take your OOC knowledge/hatred/feelings/etc. into the game. Likewise, don't take the IC things personally. It's your character, not you. If you can get this one down, you're already a leg up on everyone who can't seem to figure it out. If you can't, there's a lot of people in your situation, so don't fret. You'll just grow cranky, bitter and disillusioned because Hollow took over your life is all.

Rule #7: Administrators are your friends. Don't make the admin mad. While they're impartial, if you give them enough crap they're likely to mute you (or worse) for admin abuse. Just because they're there to hear your comments/suggestions/ complaints doesn't give anyone license to berate them. They have rights as a player too, and those rights ought to be respected, else you might mysteriously disappear, KGB-style.

Rule #8: Check your short fuse at the door. Many people who play Hollow are perfectly normal people. Others have problems of some form or another. Bottom line is, we're all playing the same game, keyword game. It's supposed to be fun, and not taken overly seriously. If you get in a dispute with someone else OOCly, think happy thoughts try and handle it maturely. Threats and retribution aren't happy thoughts, and could get you stuck with those creepy clowns, the Knights Who Say 'Ni!', or worse…the badgers. Have you ever seen a pack of badgers? Scary.

Rule #9: Hollow is not a test dummy. There are a lot of people who like to practice HTML, PHP, CSS, or various forms of scripting or programming. Hollow is not a test forum for these scripts, nor is it a forum to discuss things like that, or more sinister things like hacking. If you make your own scripts or try to hack on Hollow, you're likely to find your gaming experience is a really short one and you won't be welcome back anytime soon.

Rule #10: Don't pick a crappy name. Be smart about your name. There are plenty of name generators out there, so you don't need to steal one or make a stupid one. If you come in with either copyrighted names like Gandalf or Drizzt, or stupid ones like Sideshowbob, Hockeydude, or the unforgettable Fecalmatter, you'll be mocked endlessly and forever branded a stupid name maker.

This set of Rules was written by the Donovan himself, and borrowed from his really cool character website…..

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