Ingham's Description:

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale
Age: Appears to be in his twenties, but his time in the land of Hollow numbers two
Lineage: Son of Vuryal and Anshera, brother of Sandros
Race: Half-elf… exactly what he is half of is a mystery
Demeanor: Generally laid back, Ingham does uphold the ideals of a paladin, seeking to embrace the religion of Xalious in retribution for the sins of his father
Skills: Swordsmanship under the tutelage of a skilled mentor.
Possesses a limited amount of chronomancy, possibly attained from his lineage though he refuses to use it until he finds a purpose to do so.
Blade: Ge'Leafful, a magnificient two handed longsword that befits a warrior of the light.

Ingham's Biography:

The child of the odd couple Vuryal, the chronomancer of the Time Masters, and of Anshera, the vampiress of chaos, Ingham and his brother Sandros were conceived by unnatural means by the magess Maere.


Aging more quickly than a normal being, the child Ingham has taken it upon himself to learn the arts of the paladin, reading books about religion and faith as well as mentoring under the guidance of a skilled swordsman.

To this day, though he appears to only be ten years of age, Ingham has been kidnapped as well as kept away from his father by his mother for fear of his life and what would happen if Vuryal would ever find out about him. He knows very little about his paternal parent, aside from what he overhears in the tavern or from the ramblings of travelers in Hollow, but has heard enough to despise him and increase his desire to undo the wrongs committed by the self-proclaimed "messenger".

One night, having heard of Sandros' capture by the being known as Legion, Ingham rushed to find his aunt. Upon finding her, he made a simple request to the Llangarian Magess, that of sudden aging, so that his boyish frame could give way to that of a man's. Humbly, she did so, Maere knowing full well of the new burden that the paladin will face in the terrible times that lay ahead in dealing with Legion.

*Pictures taken from*
Top left picture: Portrait II by Suffo
Bottom right picture credits: Elf Child by ~Orroral

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